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A Numerologist’s Analysis of Octuplet’s Mother’s Name, NADYA

January 31, 2009

There’s explanations regarding the Octuplets Litter on again…on this numerologist’s #6 “family and relationships in focus” Personal Day – combined with the #7 Universal “analyze everything and what you see is not what you get” Day…we now know that NADYA, the first name of the octuplet’s mother is a #9, means of self expression, with a #2, Soul Urge (natural instinct ) and a projected first impression, #16/7.  That’s enough number information to do a personality analysis.

Let’s take the #9, means of self expression – in it’s purest sense – and not including Destiny’s conflicting neurotic Challenges, that’s an unselfish, brave romantic.  That explains why Nadya’s mother said that Nadya has been obsessed with having children since she was little.  She has no realistic means of caring for her fourteen babes and her mother says, she won’t be at the house to care for Nadya’s kids when Nadya comes home from the hospital.  Nadya doesn’t want to share her obsession with a husband…she does not want to marry according to her mother.   In her fantasy, everyone will understand and want to help her achieve her ends.

Nadya, the #9, navigates with Toto and Dorothy but doesn’t know that she’s not in Kansas.  Unrealistically romantic, Nadya sees everything working out through charity, empathy and compassion.  Yeah, the donations of charitable, empathetic and compassionate suckers… 

…seems that Nadya is peopling her own universe.  With a #2, Soul Urge, Nadya wants intimates that give her unconditional love and cooperation.  Well, if ya’ can’t meet ’em on Nadya, create ’em with the detachment of in vitro!

Then there’s the #16/7 Karmic Self Image…Self Image is also the first impression that other’s receive and the visualization from childhood of what life should be as an adult.  Nadya wanted to be a cultured, educated, respected, princess.  She appears to be a lot wiser, aristocratic and cosmopolitan than she is.
The #16/7 has a tendency to make one rise to reach their objectives and then lose all they have gained.  Nadya’s #16/7 Self Image causes her to attempt to outsmart others to get the material things she wants.  She’ll get attention… assistance…healthy babies…and through risky judgments, faith in the wrong people, ambition or greed, disgrace, and other underlying factors, hidden legal issues possibly…the #16/7 “rise to fall” disappointments happen…however… 

…with the entire first-name number analysis, it’s easy to see what could make Nadya use in vitro to become pregnant, insist upon carrying seven babies, happily delivering eight ,with six kids under seven at home, no life partner and no means of support – other than her bankrupt parents.  When I find Nadya’s birth date, we be able to compare her personality to her options, see what her psychological Challenges reveal and learn the types of people and experiences her Destiny number has to offer her – and, the self-made universe she imagines will guarantee a lifetime of unconditional love.

A Numerologist’s Analysis of Greed and Gullibility

January 30, 2009

Universally it’s a #6 “home improvements, family concerns, maintaining relationships in focus” Universal Day – however, I’m in a #5 “think out of the box and be curious” Personal Day and the litter of octuplets – eight babes to a singular Mom (living with her Mom) who had six little darlings at home (one set of twins) makes me wonder how we’re gonna’ end up paying for her moments of pleasure.

Tis said that her Mom, Dad and the “single Mom” have been able to care for the six at home and eagerly await the arrival of the eight tiny boys and girls destined to share the three bedroom home on the cul de sac surrounded by accepting neighbors.  No information as to how the fourteen kids will be distributed in the home.  Fertility drugs are involved – this isn’t an accident…

… I am skeptical…unless there is mental illness connected to the single Mom, I do not believe this was done without forethought.  I imagine that by the time the newborns arrive, donations will have been accepted by the “just thrilled” Mom of everything the babies need…like a ten bedroom-eight bath, house, all the diapers they can use and a bus to help with marketing groceries.

It’s a good plan if you’re thirty-ish, still live with your folks, have no husband or father for the kids and want a better future.  The possibly forever naive or scheming Mom will be cared for – the public can be extremely naive and gullible when children are involved.

I know I was naive and can be gullible.  I believed four proposals of marriage were going to lead to forever.  Maybe you’ve wondered “how the Devil made you do it” too.  Possible you can identify with my errors of judgment through your memories and would like insights to a “{fix.”   So, today I found…

…an essay in the Wall Street Journal by a professor at the University of Connecticut, Stephen Greenspan (no relation to Alan), that mentions his latest book, “Annals of Gullibility” that caught my eye…as did articles on and in Skeptic magazine –  ’cause I had just read (in the NY Times) that lawyers are concerned about clients anteing up hourly fees in this economy and are considering switching to flat fees.

Now, I had to be gullible to believe that.  I read Stephen Greenspan’s explanation of how he got caught in the Madoff Ponzi scheme just like other slightly naive, greed motivated, educated, sophisticated investors and liked his examples of how even smarties get zonked by “A Trojan Horse”, WMD’s in Iran, sexual seduction and medical fads.

It’s in tough cash flow times like these that our accustomed “old millennium” extravagances make us salivate over a flat screen TV lacking the “new millennium” money to pay for it – and, so I suggest we check our “gullibility meter.”

Too many people are taken in by the “no interest, pay this off in three years” sells offered by Best Buy and other electronics retailers as well as expensive furniture stores and automobile showrooms.  The seduction comes just as you’re checking out and it’s a quick sell…no time to read fine print – if you miss one payment or are late by a day, you’re on to 30% interest…

… how they calculate?  Even if you pay the small amount billed each month that pays the loan off, if you default in any part of the contract, they charge interest from the day you bought the item.  That’s chutzpa!  Worse bandits than the Wall Street monsters who are taking bonuses from government bailout monies and telling us that’s how they get salaries on Wall Street!

Wall Street doesn’t get it – they sell based in a client’s gullibility and collect bonuses through greed.  Desperate retailers and used car salespeople should make us wary.  When money is involved even families may fight and be greedy.  Evaluate your “naivety button” and your “gullibility meter” in these trying times.  Beware or you too may fall prey to an,  impossible to believe, ” offer you could not refuse.”

A Numerologist’s Analysis of Times Are Changing

January 29, 2009

Universally it’s a #5 “anything can happen Murphy’s Law in effect” day…unconventionality reins.  Since I’m “Queen of the Non-traditional”, adjustments are on my mind.  Changes for me and unexpected topics in the news…

The Post Office is losing customers and money and thinking of cutting mail delivery by one day…not necessarily cutting Saturday…possibly low-volume Tuesday…I guess another price increase won’t do it for them…so much for “through hail, snow and sleet, we deliver the mail.  Their motto does not include the current economy.  Times are truly changing.

In the Oval Office, the edict is “business casual” on weekends and jackets not a necessity when the President’s around.  Obama gets cold easily, turned the heat up, and as one aide commented, “You can grow orchids in the Oval Office.”  White House unconventional food news…One formal chef and one healthy, clean food chef have taken over the White House kitchen.  The Obama’s added twenty-eight old, Mr. Kass from Chicago to cook the things he knows they like for them…evidence that times are changing to an informal, comfortable culture.

Another sign of change…the “Yes WE Can” Dems hung together to pass the Stimulus Package and the “No WE Can’t” Republicans voted as one to squash the plan.  Togetherness was never a Senate or House forte…Gad zooks!  These are indeed changing times.

Credit Card regulations set to change for customer benefit in the Spring of 2010 causing banks to up interest rates in preparation now.  Just as Citi Bank has been asked not to take delivery of their luxurious corporate jet, as they fail and accept bailout money, they’ve come up with an unbanker-like rip off.  I guess they were going to pay for the executive-perk-jet with the spontaneous raise of interest they gave themselves on my “always paid more than required and always paid on time” credit card.

With an agreement to pay off my card at 1.9% for the life of the loan, they sent a letter announcing that next month my rate goes to 9.9% or 19,9%…the wording was so vague that I cannot figure out exactly what I will be paying…it will be more then the 1.9% I contracted for.  Watch the mails – if you’re still getting mail delivery – for your credit card interest increases.  Too bad the banks are forewarned.  Too bad the new law is a year away.  Too bad for you and me.

So, with “Murphy’s if-anything-can-go-wrong-it-does Law”  following me on this “anything-can-happen” Universal Day, the awareness that agreements with businesses – like banks – that have trusted traditions can be changed untraditionally is clear.  This unanticipated down sliding economy and informal new administration is changing the foundations of my beliefs.  The companies I trusted and the formal Presidential image scream “expect the unexpected”  – some businesses change for the worse and some people can change lifestyle for the better…

…good thing I’m accustom to adjusting to the untraditional, ’cause times are really changing.

A Numerologist’s Take on A Forward Thinking Day

January 27, 2009

It’s a good day for this numerologist and a lot of other forward thinking folks.  The Brits are getting free credit for new car purchases and training for auto workers.  We’re talking diplomacy with Iran and sending envoys around the globe – one of President Obama’s promises being kept.  For the many who won’t be ready – Analog to digital TV changes have been put back to June 12.  And, my web site, “Instant Delivery Readings” for sale page was up and running yesterday.

 Yes…it’s a good day for me, the Super Bowl,70% Pittsburgh Steeler favorites and the second in history, surviving octuplets.  Good for me…

…not so good news for Karl Rove – on February 2, subpoenaed finally – to talk about his role in the Bush Administration politization of the justice Department…a question of firing attorneys for political reasons.  Not too good for smoking apartment dwellers in Silicon valley’s, Belmont Ca…a ban on smoking in their own homes is in effect.  Not good for the new season’s couture fashions…no one – not even TV’s “Project Runway” wants to air them — yet. 

However, Brad and Angelina were together – looking very relaxed at the SAG Awards show.  Brad tie less?  That’s a switch for the fashionisto that used to be married to a fashionista.  And, Michelle’s Inauguration style ball gown was aped and admired at the SAG “do” too.  India’s “Slumdog Millionaire” is winning awards and is causing riots in the slums of India…Slum dwellers don’t want to be called “dogs.”  I can openly agree with that.

This new Obama Administration moves on Obama briefings that are clear, concise and forward thinking.  People are saying what they mean.  So, Here’s what’s on my mind.

I hope, you will think that the “Instant Readings” page is worth a visit.  Forecasts for the year and each month in the year are affordable and directional @ $6.95  Extensive Daily Readings for a month ($6.98), three months. six months and twelve months ($49.98) are seventy words complete and include the overview for the month.  Order, pay Paypal and in minutes you have your personal reading in your computer to read and/or print.

Yes, yesterday was a good #1 day for me and with your personal readings, today can be a #3 “spread the forward thinking word” Universal Day for you.

A Numerologist’s Take on Cleaning Out Closets

January 25, 2009

…my wardrobe came into close scrutiny today, my #9 “clean out the mental, physical and spiritual closets” Personal Day.  The #1 start something new” Universal Day contributed to my taking immediate action.  And, that’s ‘a good thing.’  Since sadly, there’s no “clothes budget” anymore, and that presents a practical reality…what to do with what I’ve got?

Everyday work clothes don’t count…I work at home.  If my clients knew how many phone consultations are done in my underwear in summer and sitting on a heating pad, clothed in ski underwear and a bathrobe. in winter…oy vey.  So, there’s no time wasted on revamping a wardrobe that’s only intimate with the washing machine and dryer.  Evening clothes don’t count…who can afford to go to pricey charity ball galas anymore?

It’s the “go to dinner” or “see a client” or “do a lecture” clothes that really need revamping.  That’s a focus on suit and blazer jackets.  Somehow pants live on (if I forgo stuffing and desserts) and since I gave up skirts when Hillary changed her pear-shape to svelte by wearing pants suits, jackets and pants are my “dependables.”  The problem is: over wide shoulders, too much underarm to hem fabric, lapels that are too narrow or too wide, jacket length to short or too long and since I do not have an inexpensive seamstress on call, going to the neighborhood cleaner for jacket repairs gets expensive.  For example…

…even if I had an inexpensive dressmaker-seamstress, jackets – particularly shoulders – need to be altered and changed by a menswear tailor.  They know how to fit shoulders so you don’t have pleating going from underarm into the jacket’s mid-back seam or a high underarm that restricts movement.

An experienced shoulder tailoring = minimally $50.- probably, $90….could be much more!  Narrowing the jacket width = another minimum $40.  Lapel reshaping = another minimum $40.  Shortening the jacket = gotta’ be over $40. ???  That’s a minimum total of $170. and seems to make a jacket too expensive to repair.

With bargains readily available…I decided tis better to buy one perfect black jacket and wear it with a variety of sweaters, blouses, scarves, shawls and different colored pants and look good all the time than to have a closet-full of undependable jackets…

 …admittedly, I was a bit depressed at the start.  However, this clothes talk makes me reflect and realize that my objective is to feel confident and look good whenever I go out.  So, one perfect jacket can be worn., worn and re worn and with this decision…I’m gonna’ gather together the various colored, expensive, ill fitting, too long, out-of-style jackets in my closet, bag ’em and get a tax deduction from the Salvation Army Thrift Store.

Hum…maybe the tax deduction will cover the cost of a new jacket ???  This #9 “finish-up” Personal Day works perfectly with the #1 “start -up” Universal Day and results in a cleaned out a closet, helping  a charity and changing my mood…so, you can see how using numerology’s day-to-day- prediction can suggest productivity and problem-solving – and, that’s ‘a good thing.’

A Numerologist’s Take on Nuts in the News

January 24, 2009

This Numerologist’s #8 “solve problems with common sense and efficiency” Personal Day began with more “nut cases” and “nutty but nice” happenings making news than it would seem imaginable.  In this #9 “empathy and compassion filled philosophical” Universal Day — in our “be sane or sorry” economy — due to Super Bowl Sunday approaching or imaginations running wild to avoid depression…there are lotsa’ nuts in the news.

If I had to choose a number one “nut case”, Illinois Governor, Blagojevich would win the prize for using cowboy movie, “The Oxbow Incident”, to present his innocence plea in court.  Bloggy’s wild, disconnected, talking-live comparisons of his situation and the movie story line characters makes me question his sanity.  If he keeps this up, it will be a nutty decision, however, he could walk away with time spent in an upscale mental institution.

Then there’s almost a tie for “first” – reports of Sarah Palin’s eleven million dollar book deal negotiated while she attacks the media for writing about her kids – and, her $180,000. wardrobe lies crumbled, stuffed in black trash bags, in the GOP office…waiting how-long to be given to charity?  And big Republican donors getting a bit out of hand – uncomfortable — how nutty can they be, asking, where their money went?

Meaning no disrespect…however, the Pope seems to approve of hate-mongering and antisemitism with his decree to lift excommunication for Bishop Richard Williams and three other bishops who deny the Nazi Holocaust and gas chambers ever existed…meaning no disrespect, Sir – that’s nutty.

Ingrate, Jeremy Piven, of “Entourage” TV series fame, couldn’t fulfill his – (he’s supposed to be a professional) – “Speed the PLow, Broadway theater commitment.  He quit due to eating too much fish.  Then had a temper tantrum at a photographer’s publicity shoot yesterday.  Rude and crude – he tore the sleeve off a $350. shirt while bad-mouthing assistants.  Piven enjoys a public presence and the good life afforded by a TV job and it’s nutty for a short, ordinary looking approaching middle-age character actor not to be grateful, and – didn’t his Mama tell him, it’s not nice to tell fishy stories?

Nutty and Nutty: McCain’s hitting on Obama choices when unity is a top priority…Republicans bringing back bills related to the bailout that did not pass before Obama was elected so, Obama had to remind them that he won.  Firms that received bailout money are lobbying for more.  If we give them ‘more” – that’s nutty on top of nutty. 
Nutty but Nice…Michelle Obama’s J. Crew clothes selections for her children caused to crash…folks looking to buy?  That’s a good thing!  Jill Biden’s scrumptious, well fitting, strapless, red Inaugural Ball gown designed by New York designer, Reem Acra, was almost ignored – that’s a nutty way to treat a really nice Jill Biden choice.  Obama struck down the nutty Bush ban on giving federal money to developing countries for Family Planning…that’s nice. 

This Numerologist’s last but not least “nice but nutty”…Aretha’s Inaugural song hat was truly unique for her persona – and it is nice.  However, to the thousands trying to buy one – it works for Aretha – wearing it to church would look nutty.

A Numerologist’s take on “First Dog” Breed Choices

January 23, 2009

This Numerologist’s #7 “analytic” Personal Day my mind delves into Malia and Sasha Obama’s “choice of First Dog” dilemma and my book, FROM ACE TO ZUMMO.  The little ladies are torn between a Labradoodle, #8 and a Portuguese Water Dog, #6.

FROM ACE TO ZUMMO lists the breed by number, each number has a chapter of information that delves into the breed talents, preferences and idiosyncrasies – ,and tells the reader what the pet is thinking.  The questions about compatibility of pet and pet companion are answered.  For me, It’s an easy choice; my type-of-companion preferences are established and I wrote the book.  For the Obama’s, FROM ACE TO ZUMMO may solve their dilemma.

For the Obama family, it would be a good idea to decide if Labradoodle high work energy demands suit their lifestyle.  This is an intelligent, competitive, courageous mixed breed that needs athletic friends and leaders.  This breed needs challenges, exercise and play all day.  Labradoodles think, “I’ll assume leadership and power  – Elect me leader and we will win.”  It’s not easy to train a Labradoodle to succumb to the owner’s Alpha position…that’s you, if you own one.

The Portuguese Water Dog is a homebody…it’s credo is, “You make me comfortable and love me and I’ll protect, nurture and follow you anywhere.”  Portuguese Water Dogs are very “teachable.”  They are quick to learn because they are food oriented and a doggie treat will get them to do everything.  This breed is very emotional, sympathetic and steadfast.  Portuguese Water Dogs know that they are supposed to listen to and be supportive of the Alpha leader…that’s you if you own one.

These breeds are very different.  My choice would be the Portuguese Water Dog.  I live with and love my #9 Miniature Schnauzer.  Miniature Schnauzer breed #9 includes the #6 homebody with #8 bravery, #9 compassion and #7 intelligence.  She never leaves home without me, learns quickly and would bravely protect and defend anyone in trouble.  That’s my breed personality choice for compatibility.

Our First Family will choose their First Dog shortly.  FROM ACE TO ZUMMO would be helpful.  I hope they read the book.