A Numerologist’s Analysis of Super Bowl Surprises

…for this numerologist’s early morning, it’s a time for, late afternoon game, Super Bowl prediction.  There’s no getting away from #5 “expect the unexpected, surprises, upsets, plans change” Universal Day and on my, #4 “work , be practical and produce tangible results” Personal Day, it’s Super Bowl Sunday and you may ask, who’s gonna’ win?

The new millennium began in September 2008 and a universal Genesis began.  Witness the election of the first African-American President of the USA who made visionary promises – did not run on past performances – as a platform for election.  Venerable politicians with long-standing. outstanding carreers and public service records, promising more of the same could not sell hope for the future…and they lost.  The past will not return to be relived or old structures followed.  The solutions to new millennium problems will be “firsts” and so, in keeping with the “nothing old is new again” theory…the Super Bowl winner will be “a “first.” 

On the premise that the winner does not have a Vince Lombardi Trophy to hang their helmets on; the winner should be the team that has never won an AFL or NFL World Championship or played on the Sunday that followed the championship game or won the football’s showpiece, The Super Bowl.  So, I have to forecast a win for the Arizona Cardinals.

Philanthropic, born-again Christian, father of seven, Kurt Warner and “no one should mention his noisy, smelly nickname out of the locker room” Darnell Dockett – Go…Go…Go!  With long-term congrats to the Pittsburgh Steelers winning past performances…”Big Ben” Roethlesberger and “Smiling” Hines Ward as standouts…you’ve been there-done that…this probably isn’t your day. 


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