Cheney Memoir is Gonna’ Revel He’s “Right”

A #9 Universal Day brings in expansive news that makes one draw conclusions – and, in these unusual times the additions are really strange…

…here’s a case where the wife unwittingly got the best in a divorce settlement a few years ago.  A man had to pay his wife half of their 5.4 million in holdings and their holdings were with Madoff.  So, he’s suing her for a return of the funds blaming Madoff’s false securities statements given to the judge as the cause of him being left with nothing but paper – she has the only cash: He’s frantic.  She cannot be reached for comment.  And…

…this economy is making some people spacey.  A Man robbed a Colorado store with a Star Trek Sword – Madoff is being defended by an attorney that lost money with him – Barney Frank actually thinks eight CEO’s are going to accept his invitation to a hearing to testify to their accountability for 115 billion in bailout funds…

..and angry, mean and needing a padded room…one of the most detested public figures in history, Dick Cheney is writing his memoirs.  Will you buy this book?  Cheney says that he will prove he’s right when he reveals, up to now, secret information.  He’s been so truthful these past eight years…duh. 

In the world according to Cheney – nuclear, biological, catastrophic attacks were stopped by his water boarding torture techniques, the intrusive Patriot Act and the focus by the Bush administration on terrorist waiting to pounce.  They had no time to waste on the national economy – which according to Cheney is a global problem.  Tis said he seems  “unhinged.”  I conclude that “the crazies” are not his entire problem.

Now that he’s not in a position to give war zone contracts to companies in which he has a vested interest, he’s gonna’ take the Octuplet’s mother/Sarah Palin route to make money from a book deal.  That’s not crazy – it’s greed…

…however, greed is not for everyone.  An Ohio teacher who earned 40 K a year gifted her alma mater with 2 million.  I’d rather she wrote a book on how she saved the cash.  In these unusually strange times, I’d buy that book.

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