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March 31, 2009

<b>Our Michelle is off to visit the Queen. In her numerology wisdom #2 “ya’ gotta’ adapt to the details and form alliances” Personal Year and her #2 “learn how-to-be a supportive partner and a power-behind-the-throne” Destiny Year…she’s “on a roll.”</b>
Ya’ don’t have to be a psychic forecaster to know that she’s more popular in the polls than Barack and handling the dice like an expert  Michelle’s watched but not expected to save the world as she travels abroad. Every step out of the White House is an opportunity for cultural expansion and showing she’s got her husband’s back. As Michelle moves into her # 6 “handle more responsibility and maintain balance in relationships” #6 Personal Month of April, she’s subtle in her supportive roll. She’s doing well as her #2 Destiny “as power behind the throne\/” unfolds and stifles her individuality.

Shall we dish? Did you see her “Jackie-O” style travel costume? So Chanel! It could have used a pill box – however, no hat – but it “worked” without one. Smashing white and black trimmed coat and probably sleeveless dress. Betcha’ there’s a sleeveless under the coat!

I won’t have to wonder…By nightfall I’ll know if the dress under the coat was sleeveless and how Michelle’s body language met the Queen. Our Michelle has been putting her “meet-ya’-face-to-face and shake your hand” First Lady personal focus on DC homeless shelters, schools in underprivileged areas and awakening the public to the plight of family’s of service-persons – and , by now, even England’s Queen probably thinks maintaining traditions is passe, things have changed and, formal occasions do not require covered arms.

<b>Our Michelle’s taking a back seat, not getting creative or changing conventional procedures and she seems to remembering that she’s “the new kid on the block” and is doing what the #2 Personal Year requires of her – simply cooperating, being a supportive partner and not trying to change the world. Our Michelle’s doing well.</b>


March 30, 2009

April approaches and this #6 Universal Month forecasts that domestic issues will seek a balance.  I predict that there will be talk about community needs, civic improvements, education and health projects with a truer sense of responsibility to considering the welfare of others.   Agreements may be drawn up, but putting them into play…that’s unlikely.  Media covers family values: Octo-Mom, The Palin Family, The Madoffs take up space above the fold.  We’ll be looking for ways to balance opposites, find responsible solutions and maintain harmonious relationships – the doing is in the details.

Delays caused by the 2009, #2 Universal  Year of,  “working in association and political discussion”, make immediate tangible results an impossibility.  This is a year of gathering statistics and information, maintaining institutions and making efforts toward peace between nations.  It’s true, that in past #2 Universal Years Peace Pacts have been signed.  However, the implementation was cut short three years later when the world had an urge for rejuvenation and things changed.

Vibes change weekly in April and April1 – 7 sets the stage for April’s focus: Adjustments when striving for harmony, finding leaders accountable, educational advances, home economics, marriages and other contracts signed and activity in states infra-structure plans.  Forming relationships that work and are binding while petty, self-concerned leaders bicker details, is the challenge. 

April 8-14 puts focus on big business, the stock markets and problem solving.  Large plans are put into action, business promotions and organizations form for growth.  Larger material problems find solutions.

April 15-21 brings in a spurt in advertising, promotions, sex and scandal in the news.  The unusual is the norm .  People will speculate…take a risk or gamble.  Casinos do well and unique products are introduced to markets.  There should be a temporary spurt in sales.

April 22-30 will see new leaders appointed and new ideas are brought to new committees.  New standards are established.   There’s ‘heightened activity – leaders assert energy – as creative efforts are made to effect change.

The #6 numerology forecaster applied to any time span…a Universal Month – a Universal Day or a Universal Year…demands that promises be kept.  Unlike March, a #5 “experimentation” Universal Month, when trial and error are permitted and if something doesn’t work, it’s fine to let it go and search on for something better.  April should adjust the stock market a bit, more people will be eating home, watching TV and enjoying music and adjustments are made either by personal choice or a not too subtle jolt of Universal Vibes.

Gettin’ to Know Geither

March 29, 2009

Watching Meet the Press, I felt I should say, “So nice to finally meet you, Mr.Geithner.  I’ve heard so much about you.”  I heard that Timothy Geithner may be sitting next to me, flying coach.  That’s appropriate for Secretary of the Treasury: A budget conscious public servant..  Then I’d get my live-and-in-reality opportunity to say, “Nice to meet you, Mr. Geithner.”
“He can take a punch.” is a quote from Henry Paulson.  After the political and media pot-shots he’s been taking, he’s still standing-up.  Even I knew that Geithner could stand the gaff.  I think he really did know what he was getting into when he accepted the job.  In my #6 “focus on domesticity and relationships” Personal Day, I’m gonna’ do laundry, cook and freeze next week dinners and form relationships with people I know I should know better.

So, Geithner’s face and lack of pretense and lean-into-the-camera-style are firmly implanted in my memory.  One discomfort with him on TV was I didn’t understand every word he said due to his swallowing words and talking too fast.  He could take a leaf from Obama’s speech habits and slow down and enunciate more carefully.

This detail conscious #2 Universal Year inclines me to be conscious of petty details and I do get a little picky.  However, I caught enough Geithner to come away respecting his comprehension of his job and liking the guy”cause he seems to be telling his truth.  Today I needed to form a relationship with a man that has my financial sanity and my children’s and grand children’s economic future in his hands.  I’m looking forward to his next appearance on Meet the Press.

“Leader of the Free World” Weeds White House Garden

March 27, 2009

Michelle said, Barach will do his share of weeding…being “Leader of the Free World” will not excuse him.  Well, that thought makes me wonder what international or economic garden he won’t have time to weed.  It’s refreshing to have Michelle’s down-home- kitchen-table-family-style ideas and attitudes.  However, her husband is “The Leader of the Free World”and knowing that he was cleaning out industry’s goniffs would make me feel better quickly.  Love ya’, Michelle, but this is not one of your better ideas. 

The White House vegetable garden got off to a slow start.   Reported as Michelle’s idea originally…now the “eat healthy food, curb obesity and diseases due to poor diet”1,100 square foot vegetable garden is attributed to her CA chef.  Does it matter whose idea it is if it sets a good example that catches on with the public?

What’s gonna’ grow?  Whose gonna’ take care of it?  How many people will it feed?  How much will it cost to begin, maintain and grass-cover it in winter?  We’ll find out – slowly.

One source reports basil, hot peppers, collard greens, spinach and berries.  Another claims we’re gonna’ see mint, corn, squash and beans.  And both sources report, there will be two bee hives for the harvesting of honey.

OK!  How much of how many things can bee grown in 1,100 square feet of garden?  Can this garden accommodate the banquet dining demands and State Dinner eating habits of a formal White House?  However, I’m getting used to the idea – slowly.

Till the idea sinks in, I wonder…How many bee keepers does it take to keep bees?  Whose gonna’ weed the weeds?  Maybe this small plot of land is intended to feed only the first family and will not require hiring additional “farmers” and bee keepers…

…and, maybe I’ll get used to it slowly.  Stocks fell yesterday, but they’re up for the week.  Investors must be slowly weeding through the dividend-paying stocks and buying. 

If we walk up the mountain three steps and only fall back two: One step forward is a very needed stock market gain.  Slowly…we’ll see other dividends.  The multi-tasking President will pull out the weeds in the Stimulus Plan, AIG/Fannie/Freddie bailouts and probably, be a good hubby, pull the weeds in Michelle’s White House garden.  Good marriages grow slowly.  Improvements  begin slowly.  Getting used to being “Leader of the Free World” sinks in slowly.  Everything is “slowly” this year.


March 26, 2009

Numerologist Explains Obama’s Obsessive Need for Preparation

March 25, 2009

<b>President Obama’s show of impatience during a press conference and his recent thirst for publicity isn’t surprising to this numerologist. We elected a guy that’s gotta’ be prepared and we should be prepared to back him.</b>
Elected in 2008, his #4 “compulsive, laborious work , obsessive systematic detail planning and maintain…don’t change direction” Personal Year, he’s now in a #5 “risk-taking, you can’t plan anything, plans made in 2008 change, learn by trial and error, publicity conscious, focus alters day-by-day” Personal Year. Big differences in the 4 and 5 Personal Year number meanings…and, the reasons why he assesses his options and deals with 2009 unconventional challenges differently than he did in 2008.

The president relies on practical planning and detailed data to feel secure in his choices and decisions. He’s in emotional control when prepared. In this surprising economy, fast-paced environment and with unprecedented challenges, he gets edgy.

Although last night’s press conference was orchestrated more than previous media confrontations and he pretty much knew what would be asked, he wasn’t the relaxed Pres we’ve come to know on talk shows and spontaneous Town Hall meetings. His off-the-cuff- remarks have been heavily criticized. He bottles-up anger, controls his appearance and appearances and always wants to do the “correct” thing. His means of self-control is ingrained from childhood programming.

So, he tightened and structured his first major press conference. I think he’ll cut down his publicity momentum due to the spontaneity and possibilities of accidental happenings. The Pres is probably more agitated by his irritated reaction at the Press Conference than any of his advisers. He’ll draw on past successful planning. He can’t control the unconventional and surprising events of his #5 Personal Year. But, he’s gonna’ try.

<b>Numerology’s #5 Personal Year vibes really begin in May. Obama’s still dealing with the compulsive urge to maintain his #4 Personal Year position when he was in control with organized, managed practical planning. The Universe is in a #2 “delays due to the revealing of details, discovering who your friends really are and trouble with petty issues and women” Year: No help for Obama from the universe!

So, do we or don’t we “have the back” of the guy we elected? His 2008 campaign promises were made under controlled circumstances. His 2009 promises, based in today’s detailed data that changes tomorrow – cannot be written in cement. The American people need to back their bet. It’s 65 days into his multi-tasking presidency and he’s talking to us. That’s an administration change he promised, that he’s keeping. We need to give ourselves and the guy we elected the back-up he needs.</b>


March 24, 2009

Numerologist cynic or psychic, # 1 Personal Day thoughts, produce new ideas for stock purchases.  Because…Change is scary.  Challenges create anxiety.  Anxiety needs solace.  There’s boredom and depression to living without some kind of “rush.”  So, It’s no wonder more people are heading for booze, drugs and rehab than ever before.

And, some people just don’t know when they’re well off..  David Letterman got married after twenty-three years of happy unwed coupling, Octo-Mom fired the Angels that were training her nannies to care for the octuplets and keep her home safe for soundly raising fourteen kids and Sarah Palin, thankfully out of sight and out of mind for a while, is publicly preening and primping with the hierarchy of Scientology.  Are these challenging changes a ticket to serenity or a road to an escapist booze or drug induced high?

If the Wall Street greedy, adrenalin junkies had played it cool and earned their stock sale lavish commissions without bundling bogus bonds worldwide, they wouldn’t be sitting next to nosey FBI agents pretending to be brokers, just there to catch them cheating again.   So brokers can’t take risks.  They’re into unfamiliar feelings.  Where to go?  Bar-hopping or guzzling on the sly at home?  Drugging for solace?  There’s anxiety, fear, the unknown and unawareness.  Ya gotta’ know how to substitute when you can’t adjust to change…let things be or you end up in rehab.
With the increase in anxiety fostered by the new millennium upheavals, it’s easy to rationalize any escapist device.  Retirees worry, young parents worry and teens worry.  No-body’s safe from looking for a temporary high.  The problem is the cost of escape.

Legal escape leads to drinking.  Doctors prescriptions lead to abusing drugs.  Expensive – $25,000. to $60,000. a month rehab centers are filling up.  So, why not get a “rush” from the risk of buying booze, drug and rehab center stocks?

Rewinding to Go Forward?

March 20, 2009

Michelle’s gonna’ have a White House vegetable garden a la Eleanor Roosevelt’s World War II Victory Garden.  Michelle got the green going with the St. Paddy’s Day White House green water fountain and her new idea is a flashback to my past.  Is the help we need to be found in a rewind in order to go forward?

World news is crammed with flashbacks.  Doctors are testing using maggots to clean out leg ulcers…that’s going back a really long time…shall I start saving leeches?  Cleansing with natures remedies was big-time in the past.  Way back when, the Springtime ritual was a liver cleansing: Best with acupuncture to keep your liver in harmony with nature.  In fact, in China, when someone seems out of harmony with everybody – angry – the greeting is, “How’s your liver?”    Oh,  those Chinese are not backward…they trace back to treasures and go forward owning our treasury.

Since Treasury honchos okay ed AIG bonuses and the backlash is the bonuses are coming back one way or another, whose gonna’ be the backbone of these companies if execs are given money and then have to give it back?  Then, the overtly-lying-politician-cartoon stars an oldie who used to be a good-ie, Chris Dodd from Connecticut…can you believe he looked the camera in the lens and did a Bush-Cheney oldie – he blandly lied?  Wonder if he’ll be elected again.  Well, why not,  when we have a track record of repeating mistakes.  We re-elected Bush and he’s keeping his money.  Solutions based on the past are worldwide…

…a back slide in Great Britain’s auto industry brings back a plan to pay for scrap…just like the during 1940’s war effort.   Announcing that March 23 is the best day to buy a bargain car because car dealers must meet monthly sales targets, cars are selling at substantial savings to twelve month ago and UK supply will come into line with demand by end of year.  Brits are  paying cash-for-scrap.  Cash toward new cars for older models.  It’s a…

back-tracking and rehashing the old into new.  As I contemplate world news, it seems that we are going to rewind before we can go forward.

Forecasting the Octuplet’s Future

March 18, 2009

Been tempted and backed off…finally, my #5 “impulses fly” Personal day, I succumb to working my numerologist craft on the abbreviated version of the Octuplet’s birth date…their destiny prediction. 

All eight, born on January 26, 2009 have the spiritually special #11/2 Destiny.  That’s not too surprising: The #11 spiritual aspect of the destiny number foretells the influence of a delicate, high-strung, nervous female energy in the womb that instills the feeling of living “above the crowd” and opens a door to leaving a lasting image on humanity.  The mundane #2 aspect, forecasts a life of supportiveness, cooperation and shyness finally, becoming “the power behind the throne”  – never the crown-wearer. 

My numerology forte is understanding the Challenges to Destiny’s opportunities.  Challenges are the reasons why we make choices through emotional perceptions – not facts – decisions made through childhood’s emotional perceptions that usually turn out wrong.  The Octuplet’s personality Challenges are #7, #6 and #1.

#7 = self-doubt, hidden, difficult to diagnose physical and emotional problems and disappointment in the human animal’s lack of perfection…always expecting perfection from themselves…

…and, Challenge # 6 = having to balance relationships, responsibilities and obligations.  The #6 Challenge touches family, neighborhood and dramatic emotional reactions.  A health caution, #6 Challenge indicates a tendency to diabetes…sugar is their enemy. 

Finally, a Challenge to the #1 that relates to early childhood’s experiences with the authority figure = usually the male parent…too much attention or not enough attention from the father.  The Octuplets will be challenged by the personality extremes of doubt of taking independent actions for progress or independent arrogance and many forceful innapropriate changes.  They will have problems with independence, creativity and feelings of never being in control of their own lives.  This Challenge is acted-out with unexplainable submissiveness or – in the other extreme the way a pendulum swings – demanding independence without reason or the resources to maintain it..  So they’ll be submissive to gain love and once having it, take control in order not to be controlled by others.

The good stuff comes from the Octuplet’s #26 birthday.  They’ll mature at 34 and between 34 and 60, they’ll be surrounded by money and power and gain stamina mentally and physically.  Depending upon their name talents, first impression and comfort-zones…the inner personality that walks Destiny’s path,  they’ll have varying degrees of success making themselves invaluable to life’s movers and shakers – the money and power crowd.

This forecast is the tip of the iceberg…there are finite details and depth to a full natal numerology charting…However, I hadda’ do it on my #5 “impulsive actions and unconventional happenings rule” Personal Day.


March 14, 2009

The secret: Exclusivity:  Madoff sold it.  However, NYC’s successful celebrity hangout, 21 Club did it first.  If you were allowed “in” – allowed to give Madoff your money,  you didn’t have to be Jewish and still believed that you were one of a few of “the chosen few.”  Gentile or Jewish, if you were acceptable through the peephole and got into the original, Jack and Charlie’s Speakeasy in the 1920’s – then after prohibition, got a lunch reservation at their legal venture, 21 Club, you were “in” – one of “the chosen few.”  The key to success: Make it exclusive, they won’t ask questions and, they will buy.

Exclusive and expensive: The 21 Club restaurant could be empty…nobody who was a nobody got in and even if you were a “somebody”, you called again – waited humbly if you were refused a reservation.  When told that there they were booked to capacity, you salivated to be part of the those allowed “in.”  Nobody cared what a 21 Club lunch burger cost even before business expense accounts covered the bill.  Nobody checked into how Madoff was making “somebody’s” at least 9 to 10 % in up and down stock markets.  It seems that to be a “somebody”, nobody investigates when trying to get “in.” 

In this failing economy when even French sex toys aren’t selling and 46 states are desperately selling confiscated jewelry and slot machines on , the new breed of hungry to be “in” the black, “can’t find a job so, I’ll start my own business” entrepreneurs could take a look at these successful  status-aware snobs who attracted successful greedy snobs: Make it exclusive, they won’t ask questions and they will buy.