The secret: Exclusivity:  Madoff sold it.  However, NYC’s successful celebrity hangout, 21 Club did it first.  If you were allowed “in” – allowed to give Madoff your money,  you didn’t have to be Jewish and still believed that you were one of a few of “the chosen few.”  Gentile or Jewish, if you were acceptable through the peephole and got into the original, Jack and Charlie’s Speakeasy in the 1920’s – then after prohibition, got a lunch reservation at their legal venture, 21 Club, you were “in” – one of “the chosen few.”  The key to success: Make it exclusive, they won’t ask questions and, they will buy.

Exclusive and expensive: The 21 Club restaurant could be empty…nobody who was a nobody got in and even if you were a “somebody”, you called again – waited humbly if you were refused a reservation.  When told that there they were booked to capacity, you salivated to be part of the those allowed “in.”  Nobody cared what a 21 Club lunch burger cost even before business expense accounts covered the bill.  Nobody checked into how Madoff was making “somebody’s” at least 9 to 10 % in up and down stock markets.  It seems that to be a “somebody”, nobody investigates when trying to get “in.” 

In this failing economy when even French sex toys aren’t selling and 46 states are desperately selling confiscated jewelry and slot machines on , the new breed of hungry to be “in” the black, “can’t find a job so, I’ll start my own business” entrepreneurs could take a look at these successful  status-aware snobs who attracted successful greedy snobs: Make it exclusive, they won’t ask questions and they will buy.

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