Forecasting the Octuplet’s Future

Been tempted and backed off…finally, my #5 “impulses fly” Personal day, I succumb to working my numerologist craft on the abbreviated version of the Octuplet’s birth date…their destiny prediction. 

All eight, born on January 26, 2009 have the spiritually special #11/2 Destiny.  That’s not too surprising: The #11 spiritual aspect of the destiny number foretells the influence of a delicate, high-strung, nervous female energy in the womb that instills the feeling of living “above the crowd” and opens a door to leaving a lasting image on humanity.  The mundane #2 aspect, forecasts a life of supportiveness, cooperation and shyness finally, becoming “the power behind the throne”  – never the crown-wearer. 

My numerology forte is understanding the Challenges to Destiny’s opportunities.  Challenges are the reasons why we make choices through emotional perceptions – not facts – decisions made through childhood’s emotional perceptions that usually turn out wrong.  The Octuplet’s personality Challenges are #7, #6 and #1.

#7 = self-doubt, hidden, difficult to diagnose physical and emotional problems and disappointment in the human animal’s lack of perfection…always expecting perfection from themselves…

…and, Challenge # 6 = having to balance relationships, responsibilities and obligations.  The #6 Challenge touches family, neighborhood and dramatic emotional reactions.  A health caution, #6 Challenge indicates a tendency to diabetes…sugar is their enemy. 

Finally, a Challenge to the #1 that relates to early childhood’s experiences with the authority figure = usually the male parent…too much attention or not enough attention from the father.  The Octuplets will be challenged by the personality extremes of doubt of taking independent actions for progress or independent arrogance and many forceful innapropriate changes.  They will have problems with independence, creativity and feelings of never being in control of their own lives.  This Challenge is acted-out with unexplainable submissiveness or – in the other extreme the way a pendulum swings – demanding independence without reason or the resources to maintain it..  So they’ll be submissive to gain love and once having it, take control in order not to be controlled by others.

The good stuff comes from the Octuplet’s #26 birthday.  They’ll mature at 34 and between 34 and 60, they’ll be surrounded by money and power and gain stamina mentally and physically.  Depending upon their name talents, first impression and comfort-zones…the inner personality that walks Destiny’s path,  they’ll have varying degrees of success making themselves invaluable to life’s movers and shakers – the money and power crowd.

This forecast is the tip of the iceberg…there are finite details and depth to a full natal numerology charting…However, I hadda’ do it on my #5 “impulsive actions and unconventional happenings rule” Personal Day.

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