Rewinding to Go Forward?

Michelle’s gonna’ have a White House vegetable garden a la Eleanor Roosevelt’s World War II Victory Garden.  Michelle got the green going with the St. Paddy’s Day White House green water fountain and her new idea is a flashback to my past.  Is the help we need to be found in a rewind in order to go forward?

World news is crammed with flashbacks.  Doctors are testing using maggots to clean out leg ulcers…that’s going back a really long time…shall I start saving leeches?  Cleansing with natures remedies was big-time in the past.  Way back when, the Springtime ritual was a liver cleansing: Best with acupuncture to keep your liver in harmony with nature.  In fact, in China, when someone seems out of harmony with everybody – angry – the greeting is, “How’s your liver?”    Oh,  those Chinese are not backward…they trace back to treasures and go forward owning our treasury.

Since Treasury honchos okay ed AIG bonuses and the backlash is the bonuses are coming back one way or another, whose gonna’ be the backbone of these companies if execs are given money and then have to give it back?  Then, the overtly-lying-politician-cartoon stars an oldie who used to be a good-ie, Chris Dodd from Connecticut…can you believe he looked the camera in the lens and did a Bush-Cheney oldie – he blandly lied?  Wonder if he’ll be elected again.  Well, why not,  when we have a track record of repeating mistakes.  We re-elected Bush and he’s keeping his money.  Solutions based on the past are worldwide…

…a back slide in Great Britain’s auto industry brings back a plan to pay for scrap…just like the during 1940’s war effort.   Announcing that March 23 is the best day to buy a bargain car because car dealers must meet monthly sales targets, cars are selling at substantial savings to twelve month ago and UK supply will come into line with demand by end of year.  Brits are  paying cash-for-scrap.  Cash toward new cars for older models.  It’s a…

back-tracking and rehashing the old into new.  As I contemplate world news, it seems that we are going to rewind before we can go forward.

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