Numerologist cynic or psychic, # 1 Personal Day thoughts, produce new ideas for stock purchases.  Because…Change is scary.  Challenges create anxiety.  Anxiety needs solace.  There’s boredom and depression to living without some kind of “rush.”  So, It’s no wonder more people are heading for booze, drugs and rehab than ever before.

And, some people just don’t know when they’re well off..  David Letterman got married after twenty-three years of happy unwed coupling, Octo-Mom fired the Angels that were training her nannies to care for the octuplets and keep her home safe for soundly raising fourteen kids and Sarah Palin, thankfully out of sight and out of mind for a while, is publicly preening and primping with the hierarchy of Scientology.  Are these challenging changes a ticket to serenity or a road to an escapist booze or drug induced high?

If the Wall Street greedy, adrenalin junkies had played it cool and earned their stock sale lavish commissions without bundling bogus bonds worldwide, they wouldn’t be sitting next to nosey FBI agents pretending to be brokers, just there to catch them cheating again.   So brokers can’t take risks.  They’re into unfamiliar feelings.  Where to go?  Bar-hopping or guzzling on the sly at home?  Drugging for solace?  There’s anxiety, fear, the unknown and unawareness.  Ya gotta’ know how to substitute when you can’t adjust to change…let things be or you end up in rehab.
With the increase in anxiety fostered by the new millennium upheavals, it’s easy to rationalize any escapist device.  Retirees worry, young parents worry and teens worry.  No-body’s safe from looking for a temporary high.  The problem is the cost of escape.

Legal escape leads to drinking.  Doctors prescriptions lead to abusing drugs.  Expensive – $25,000. to $60,000. a month rehab centers are filling up.  So, why not get a “rush” from the risk of buying booze, drug and rehab center stocks?

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