Numerologist Explains Obama’s Obsessive Need for Preparation

<b>President Obama’s show of impatience during a press conference and his recent thirst for publicity isn’t surprising to this numerologist. We elected a guy that’s gotta’ be prepared and we should be prepared to back him.</b>
Elected in 2008, his #4 “compulsive, laborious work , obsessive systematic detail planning and maintain…don’t change direction” Personal Year, he’s now in a #5 “risk-taking, you can’t plan anything, plans made in 2008 change, learn by trial and error, publicity conscious, focus alters day-by-day” Personal Year. Big differences in the 4 and 5 Personal Year number meanings…and, the reasons why he assesses his options and deals with 2009 unconventional challenges differently than he did in 2008.

The president relies on practical planning and detailed data to feel secure in his choices and decisions. He’s in emotional control when prepared. In this surprising economy, fast-paced environment and with unprecedented challenges, he gets edgy.

Although last night’s press conference was orchestrated more than previous media confrontations and he pretty much knew what would be asked, he wasn’t the relaxed Pres we’ve come to know on talk shows and spontaneous Town Hall meetings. His off-the-cuff- remarks have been heavily criticized. He bottles-up anger, controls his appearance and appearances and always wants to do the “correct” thing. His means of self-control is ingrained from childhood programming.

So, he tightened and structured his first major press conference. I think he’ll cut down his publicity momentum due to the spontaneity and possibilities of accidental happenings. The Pres is probably more agitated by his irritated reaction at the Press Conference than any of his advisers. He’ll draw on past successful planning. He can’t control the unconventional and surprising events of his #5 Personal Year. But, he’s gonna’ try.

<b>Numerology’s #5 Personal Year vibes really begin in May. Obama’s still dealing with the compulsive urge to maintain his #4 Personal Year position when he was in control with organized, managed practical planning. The Universe is in a #2 “delays due to the revealing of details, discovering who your friends really are and trouble with petty issues and women” Year: No help for Obama from the universe!

So, do we or don’t we “have the back” of the guy we elected? His 2008 campaign promises were made under controlled circumstances. His 2009 promises, based in today’s detailed data that changes tomorrow – cannot be written in cement. The American people need to back their bet. It’s 65 days into his multi-tasking presidency and he’s talking to us. That’s an administration change he promised, that he’s keeping. We need to give ourselves and the guy we elected the back-up he needs.</b>

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