April approaches and this #6 Universal Month forecasts that domestic issues will seek a balance.  I predict that there will be talk about community needs, civic improvements, education and health projects with a truer sense of responsibility to considering the welfare of others.   Agreements may be drawn up, but putting them into play…that’s unlikely.  Media covers family values: Octo-Mom, The Palin Family, The Madoffs take up space above the fold.  We’ll be looking for ways to balance opposites, find responsible solutions and maintain harmonious relationships – the doing is in the details.

Delays caused by the 2009, #2 Universal  Year of,  “working in association and political discussion”, make immediate tangible results an impossibility.  This is a year of gathering statistics and information, maintaining institutions and making efforts toward peace between nations.  It’s true, that in past #2 Universal Years Peace Pacts have been signed.  However, the implementation was cut short three years later when the world had an urge for rejuvenation and things changed.

Vibes change weekly in April and April1 – 7 sets the stage for April’s focus: Adjustments when striving for harmony, finding leaders accountable, educational advances, home economics, marriages and other contracts signed and activity in states infra-structure plans.  Forming relationships that work and are binding while petty, self-concerned leaders bicker details, is the challenge. 

April 8-14 puts focus on big business, the stock markets and problem solving.  Large plans are put into action, business promotions and organizations form for growth.  Larger material problems find solutions.

April 15-21 brings in a spurt in advertising, promotions, sex and scandal in the news.  The unusual is the norm .  People will speculate…take a risk or gamble.  Casinos do well and unique products are introduced to markets.  There should be a temporary spurt in sales.

April 22-30 will see new leaders appointed and new ideas are brought to new committees.  New standards are established.   There’s ‘heightened activity – leaders assert energy – as creative efforts are made to effect change.

The #6 numerology forecaster applied to any time span…a Universal Month – a Universal Day or a Universal Year…demands that promises be kept.  Unlike March, a #5 “experimentation” Universal Month, when trial and error are permitted and if something doesn’t work, it’s fine to let it go and search on for something better.  April should adjust the stock market a bit, more people will be eating home, watching TV and enjoying music and adjustments are made either by personal choice or a not too subtle jolt of Universal Vibes.

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