<b>Our Michelle is off to visit the Queen. In her numerology wisdom #2 “ya’ gotta’ adapt to the details and form alliances” Personal Year and her #2 “learn how-to-be a supportive partner and a power-behind-the-throne” Destiny Year…she’s “on a roll.”</b>
Ya’ don’t have to be a psychic forecaster to know that she’s more popular in the polls than Barack and handling the dice like an expert  Michelle’s watched but not expected to save the world as she travels abroad. Every step out of the White House is an opportunity for cultural expansion and showing she’s got her husband’s back. As Michelle moves into her # 6 “handle more responsibility and maintain balance in relationships” #6 Personal Month of April, she’s subtle in her supportive roll. She’s doing well as her #2 Destiny “as power behind the throne\/” unfolds and stifles her individuality.

Shall we dish? Did you see her “Jackie-O” style travel costume? So Chanel! It could have used a pill box – however, no hat – but it “worked” without one. Smashing white and black trimmed coat and probably sleeveless dress. Betcha’ there’s a sleeveless under the coat!

I won’t have to wonder…By nightfall I’ll know if the dress under the coat was sleeveless and how Michelle’s body language met the Queen. Our Michelle has been putting her “meet-ya’-face-to-face and shake your hand” First Lady personal focus on DC homeless shelters, schools in underprivileged areas and awakening the public to the plight of family’s of service-persons – and , by now, even England’s Queen probably thinks maintaining traditions is passe, things have changed and, formal occasions do not require covered arms.

<b>Our Michelle’s taking a back seat, not getting creative or changing conventional procedures and she seems to remembering that she’s “the new kid on the block” and is doing what the #2 Personal Year requires of her – simply cooperating, being a supportive partner and not trying to change the world. Our Michelle’s doing well.</b>

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