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April 30, 2009

May 2009  should bring improvements in the market, notable inventions and examination and analysis of the inner workings of committees and governments.  The “secrets” of May, when revealed in June, lead to economic progress.

Expect to experience a “still and deep” month with focus on disputes within committees or nations, controversies over rights and principles and developments – although positive – are kept secret.

Public attention will be drawn to elements related to water…waterways and dam improvements and long water journeys.  Media attention will be drawn to public displays of irritation in the cities, individuals will perfect budgeting plans and social activity is kept to a minimum.

May promises to be a month of improvements in finances although the 14 through the 21 will bring in some misleading information.  The 1 through 7 are particularly good for those individuals, businesses and nations willing to re-examine. research and analyze.

Overall, with conclusions of a few problems between the 7 and 14 and political gaffs and a slightly erratic market between the 21 and 31, May prepares June for growth.  

June 2009 ushers-in expression of accumulated irritations, substantial expansion, business promotions and powerful attempts at financial and political problem-solving.


April 29, 2009

This Numerologist assessment of the first 100 days…The smiling-est White House – the most family-friendly White House – the most “lived-in” White House…Our President and First lady turned a sterile, dry, cool, formal, accepting rather than welcoming, atmosphere into the expression of their shared #2 Destiny.

Today’s White House has incorporated the #2 Destiny elements of intimacy, cooperation, sensitivity to details, receptivity, gentleness, friendliness, rhythm of life, music, patience, diplomacy, charm, consideration for others and love.  In 100 days, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue – “1600” – an address that attract aloofness, intellectual curiosity and detachment from emotion…The White House has become a home.

The #2 Destiny foretells a lifetime of learning to share for Michelle and Barack.  Time together teaches them to partner and be sensitive to situations that require one partner or the other, to be “the power behind the throne”at times.  We’re not born knowing what life has to offer.  We learn as we live.  Married on October 18, 1997, married for over eleven years, Michelle and Barack, with the character and personalities of #1 types, independent achievers, are learning to patiently support one another through the opportunities offered by their #2 Destiny.

We see the Obama’s hand-holding, chatting quietly, sharing intimacies and note the facial expressions of pride and warmth when separated during a speech or a presidential event.  We read that the president eats breakfast and dinner with his family and relishes his “home office” that gives him the opportunities to share in his children’s daily activities.  The busy Obama’s seem to make time for each other because they’ve learned the value of cooperative partnership and intimate friendship.

There’s no doubt that, in the first 100 days, our #2 Destiny influenced First Family, is showing the nation and the world an example of what cooperation, friendliness and love can bring to the coolest of situations.


April 28, 2009

Tomorrow’s numerology’s day for action – a #8 Universal – today’s #7 Universal Day is for observing and analyzing.  It’s women in the news…Michelle, Sarah, Nadya, Megan, Carla, Salma – a few notable names that pop up with the seven unknown names of Polish and French young women prisoners of Auschwitz who penciled a note, cemented it in a wall September 1944, 65 years ago, in the hope of being remembered.

While reinforcing a cement wall, on a work crew for the Nazis, seven courageous women between 18 and 23, risked immediate death in the hope of leaving a trace of themselves….noble women to be compared to…

…today’s more fortunate trace-ables: Michelle Obama, setting a First Lady, wife and mother example of grace, charity and intellect…
…Sarah Palin, with the gifts of prominence, good looks and communications skills, charged with ethics complaints for her personal use of her legal defense fund and whining – she might have to declare personal bankruptcy…
…Octo-Mom, Nadya Suleman, drawing media attention by accusing herself of ingesting too much caffeine – being the cause of one of her fourteen children’s autism and patting herself on the back for not allowing a man to pick her up in a supermarket…
…Carla Bruni-Sarkozy didn’t curtsy – kissed the Spanish Queen – to show she’s on a par with “Our Michelle” who hugged Britain’s untouchable, Queen Elizabeth, however, Michelle got hugged back…
…Susan Boyle is perkin’ up her unvarnished looks and fashion style…makeover to be admired, not hooted…
…Megan McCallister, fiance of Boston, med student, accused murderer, Philip Markoff, “stands by her man” – still loves him – however, the band booked for the June wedding bash was cancelled…
…Momma, Mexico’s stunning, actress, movie writer-producer, business woman extraordinaire, Salma Hayek, remarried her French multi-multi-millionaire husband a second time in Venice, Italy…no divorces allowed there…

…#7 analytic Universal Day conclusion: the women of today’s news are a mixed bag…a few to be admired, a few to ignore and seven to remember.  


April 27, 2009

What makes anyone think that Susan Boyle doesn’t know exactly how she appears and what she is aiming for?  Her talents are born in her #6 soul…she has the rhythm of life behind every note and lessons, practice and a #7 intellect – scrutinizing opportunities and perfecting every move she makes.

Susan’s an observer who analyzes.  In addition she is clever at self promotion…a multi-task er with an eye for detail.  Is she hurt by nasty comments.  Very much.  However she can be a subtle manipulator and appear to ignore unpleasant experiences.

Susan’s destiny includes many challenges to her sensitivity.  However, from 2005 through 2013, she is in a #8 “power, money and problem-solving” nine year cycle.  Born in the sixth month of the calendar year, June, on the #6 day, her #6 soul is supported by meeting people and experiences that are compatible and recognize her as a musical kindred spirit. 

Susan’s greatest successes will come from working with a partner – singing duets.,  She will hog the spotlight.  However, her good fortune is to be found surrounded by groups – like a choir – and with a “mate”- a partner.  Perhaps, with her innate intelligence, her independence can be squelched.  However, there is a needy little girl lurking inside of Susan that will always try to find unconditional love…often in the wrong places.

It is unlikely that Susan has never been kissed or “turned on.”  She is sensual, curious and knows how to make a lover comfortable.  While taking care of her mother, she’s taken singing lessons, been coached to perform before audiences, maintained relationships at her village pub, enjoyed applause singing Karaoke…and, will satisfy her feelings of restlessness and desire for adventure between her 47 and 49 birthdays.

We’ll see a serious, more elegant, focused performer after June of 2010.  Susan’s life may appear to be at sixes and sevens and she has only one major Challenge to overcome…personalizing, over-emotionalizing, self-absorption  However, there are powerful eights to protect her health and financial success in her motivation and Destiny.  Her success in later years is assured…her successes in 2009 are at sixes and sevens.


April 26, 2009

For a man who respects preparation – and observes consistent planning, managing and organizing – in detail – “luck” isn’t usually an option for President Obama.  However, in a #5 “expect the unexpected ’cause plans will be changed” Personal Year, we expect May – his #1 “begin projects” Personal Month – will see him doing things more spontaneously.  He’ll take action when happenings encourage him to shuffle his priorities and solve problems by the “hunt and peck” – “play your hunch” methods.

#5 is an adventurous, fast paced vibration…it’s year long cycle includes mental and physical travel, surprises and learning from experience – not books or past performance.  Although January is the first month of 2009, it was not the true beginning of Obama’s #5 Personal Year of surprises and progress through versatility.

In a #5 Personal Year, the #1 month of instigation’s. spontaneity, new enthusiasms, experimentation , adaptability is May…and, May brings in new goals and challenges that include a variety of adventures for our Pres.  He likes to be prepared.  There is no way to prepare for happenings that are out of the ordinary and have no routine. 

The most challenging aspects between May and the beginning of October for President Obama, are to welcome new situations and people to make room for the new but not to scatter efforts and interests…the prevailing atmosphere of change leaves no time for concentration – actions are immediate and most will include untried ventures.
Obama needs the freedom to experiment in 2009.  His greatest talent is problem-solving efficiently.  He will have good luck.  Between May and September’s constant changes, he’ll need it.


April 25, 2009

This numerologist has been waiting for the second shoe to drop…expecting a rise in Mob…Mafia…influence on the desperate in the current economy.  Whose got cash now?  Who lends to the jobless and hopeless?  Who has the manpower and image to intimidate?  Not to say that The Mob ever went away.  They’ve been hovering since the Cosa Nostra crash and this is their moment in the sun.

They’re back…larger than AIG …buying premium real estate, supermarkets, gas stations and making loans to cash poor businesses.  In Milan, Rome – throughout Italy their board of directors meet to connect with China’s flourishing crime bosses, who manufacture “Gucci”, Vuiton”, Chanel”,  to import to Italy and export to the US, Great Britain, France, Germany, Australia…they make fabulous fakes that bring in greater profits than drug-trafficking.   

Ever watchful for restaurateurs seeking capitol, manufacturers selling off inventory, office building owners cutting rents…they are well organized for stepping in with loan-sharking, high interest loans – offers one cannot refuse when desperate – waiting for the loan not to be repaid.  Then then Mob owns the lender and the business.

It’s not only loan-sharking to jobless, foreclosed upon, physically ill individuals that is putting Mafia founded problems in the forefront today.   Neighborhood grocer to mass-market clothing manufacturer and book publisher  – to maintain and stay afloat through slow cycles – in every area of the economy – requires cash-flow.  In your neighborhood.. your lifestyle…after you can’t get a bank loan, exhaust family and friends, try gambling in Vegas for a miracle…who stands ready with bulging pockets?  Who do  you turn to?  If it’s the loan-sharking Mafia,  you have bigger problems than before. 


April 24, 2009

Like Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Barack Obama, Oprah…Jay Leno has confidence without arrogance.  I like him.  So, first order of my day is to calculate Jay Leno’s chart to see if there was a serious reason why he checked into the hospital yesterday. 

James Douglas Muir (Jay) Leno, Born on April 28, 1950, according to numerology, has chronic problems, like allergies and rashes brought on by emotional stress.  He’s a really sensitive guy who wants unconditional love.  His close relationship to his mother (#2 Challenge), lack of preparation for surprises and changes (#5 Challenge) and insecurity about his social self and appearance (#3 Challenge) imbalance him emotionally.  Numerology’s identification of emotional Challenge imbalances indicate changes in body chemistry that effect specific areas of the body.  These chemical changes are the basis for dis-ease.

Jay might have reproductive organ (#5) or throat problems (#3) during his lifetime.  But for now, Jays’ going through a #7 Personal Year…#7 Personal Years do a number on all of us.  Every nine years we go through a spiritual inner growth cycle…Jay’s asking himself, ‘What am I gonna’ be when I grow up?”  He’s taking himself seriously and although…

…Jay’s natural instinct is to be a happy, optimistic, playful spotlight-stealer – comfortable playing with his toys, between March and September of 2009, his lighthearted, youthful boyishness will deepen to a more serious outlook, accompanied by a need for privacy, to accommodate his inner questioning.  We’ll see an energized, less introspective, more outgoing Jay bounce back in October.

It seems that Jay Leno does not have a life threatening medical problem.  Now that I’ve settled that concern, comparisons I’ve made to Leno come to mind.  On this #3 “let’s communicate” Universal Day, contemplate this one…There are people – Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bush, Hitler, Palin, Limbaugh and England’s Prince Charles that use arrogance to show confidence.  Then there’s Leno, Newman, Obama, Redford, Oprah…examples of confidence without arrogance.  I like their style.


April 20, 2009

OH blunder!  Blunder!  Yesterday’s blog about Susan Boyle is numerology profile and prediction accurate – however, one numerologists habit became a glitch.

Susan is born on the 15 of June – not the 6.   The pure #6 puts relationships, music  and the roots of home first.  It’s easier for Susan to travel, explore the unknown and maintain her individuality and spontaneous enthusiasms with a #15 birthday behind the #6.  Confusing?  Let me explain…

…rule #1 in numerology is to add multiple numbers to reduce the number to a single digit.  The single digit number meaning is most  influential.  I was going on automatic-professional, after almost forty years of numerology system focus, the 15 (1 + 5 = 6) became a 6 in my mind’s eye.  A mistake and a wake-up call to slow-down…with my #1 challenge, I’m always in a hurry.

Although yesterday’s Susan Boyle birthday reading is the same overall… the 1 and 5 behind the #6 total add more flavor and complexity to Ms. Boyle’s personality and destiny..

The 1 adds more independence, desire for progress and willingness to be “different.”  The influence of these self-starter, active mental energy numbers decrease her #6 stay-in-one-place and be comfortable, nesting focus.  The #5 adds to Susan Boyle’s abilities “to be all things to all people” – to multi-task, be adventurous and attract publicity.  The #5 wants to live life to the fullest and experience the unknown.

It”s more interesting to know that the numbers 1 and 5 behind the reduced number 6, bring out the human complexities in Susan Boyle.  Watching her youthful spontaneous reactions will show you the #5 within and add color to the parental, dignified, conventional #6.  All numbers behind a reduction should be considered when reading a numerology chart and all numerologists should remember that the only mistakes you can make are the result of adding 2 + 2 and getting 7 or being too hasty.  It seems that rule #2 in numerology calculating is to be slow and sure. 

NUMEROLOGIST’S ANALYSIS OF SUSAN BOYLE…Will she get kissed or marry?

April 19, 2009

Predicting Susan Boyle’s future and searching back through her childhood is numerology fun.  From her instant recognition, It seems that anyone from Ashton Kutcher to Oprah to Bo, the First Dog, would predict fame and fortune.  But, what is really in store for Susan Boyle?  Will she ever get kissed or marry?  Will she permit a makeover to change her looks?  Will she get taken-over by managers, agents and media hype?  This numerologist has the answers.

It wasn’t out of character for Susan to want to sing or to care for her elderly mother.  She has a #6 Natural Instinct that makes her comfortable nurturing, teaching, comforting and collecting lasting relationships.  Her roots are deep.  Her morals and ethics are high-minded and she would expect everyone to live up to her standards.  She has a strongly practical, hands-on, hard-working Soul Urge.  To attract people and experiences that make her comfortable, Susan should wear the color blue.

The first name “Susan” and the family name, “Boyle”, both spiritually special #11/2, give her the knowledge that she is intended to be and do something to uplift others and leave a lasting image.   Susan has always known that she is “special.”  To reinforce her ability to attract a following, she should wear white metal jewelry and the color silver.

Since puberty, Susan’s #1 Self Image that is also her First Impression number, makes her independent and willing to fight city hall for the things she believes.  She appears to be different and wants to be the one to break the mold…break with tradition…be a “first.”  Wearing the color red, will stimulate independent activity.

Intelligence is Susan’s strong suite…her #7 Means of Self Expression helps her rsearch, analyze and calculate how to use her talents and find ways to make herself comfortable.  Susan is a perfectionist.  From the talents in the name “Boyle”, she is a constant multi-task er, risk-taker and her own best promoter.  The royal purple is her #7 color.  Wearing purple will enhance her ability to attract professionals, to support her aristocratic tastes and maintain her perfectionist focus.

Born on June 6, 1961, Susan’s #20/2 destiny will put her in  a position to marry in a few years and if she avoids over-emotionalizing, collecting petty irritations and expecting unconditional love from all, partnerships will serve her well.  She is a late bloomer and matured at 35.  Life was unsettled until 2005 when she entered a #8 money, power and problem-solving nine year cycle.  She will thrive through 2013 – achieve her greatest success between the 21 and 30 of September 2012, and enjoy travel and new enthusiasms through 2022.  The Wisdom cycle of Susan’s life begins at age 63 when her health improves, stamina increases and her power position is improved.

The color orange is Susan’s Destiny color.  However, she has Challenges to her Destiny Number and it’s best if she avoids wearing or surrounding herself with orange tones.  Since colors attract the the type of people and experiences that have the number meaning, Susan will not be thrown off by emotionally challenging problems if orange is avoided.

Susan Boyle’s lucky numbers – 6, 1, 7 and her Destiny Number 2 are fun for this numerologist to know and analyze.  Although Susan is a “late bloomer”, I expect she  will make dramatic changes between June of 2011 and June of 2012.  It is possible she will fall in love that same year and live happily ever after with a supportive, sensitive Destiny mate.


April 17, 2009

It’s not difficult on my numerology #4 Personal Day of practical reality, to know that talent show producers knew Susan Boyle’s middle-aged, plain and natural looks would make judges and audience alike, prejudge her.  Just as Republican electioneering honchos and John McCain knew that voters would prejudge Sarah Palin by her youth, outer beauty and come-hither look.  Both women were presented with care and took the public by surprise.  What lies ahead?

Both Susan Boyle and Sarah Palin are ambitious, at-first-blush-foolers. (The first letter “S”, of both their first names tell us that they want independent success.)   They appear to be different.  Experienced promoters know though their talents are different their tenaciousness and feeling of being “:special” – above the crowd – are alike.

We’ll see if Boyle, now revealed to be a humor-filled, courageous woman who sacrificed youth taking care of an elderly mother is “for real.”  She’s a church volunteer who, it is said, maintains her simple, uncomplicated first-impression and sings Karaoke regularly at her village pub.  Sounds good!
Palin has never been a “for real” talent. as a public servant.  She’s hidden selfishness, has not sacrificed and does not maintain the uncomplicated, dedicated mother picture she first presented.  We have seen pictures of how she used her courage shooting fleeing wild moose from a low flying helicopter ,schepps her “special needs” baby from office to find-raisers and preaches her religious zeal with Palin-Poop.”   Not too good!

What lies ahead? Both women were represented to the public by very sophisticated honchos, with their own agendas, who know that these women exemplify the old adage, You can’t judge a book by it”s cover” and will use Susan Boyle’s musical talent and frumpy facade and Sarah Palin’s looks and “gift of gab” to their own advantage.