The Dow Jones went up 50%…HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY!  That’s a joke!  It wasn’t funny when I couldn’t stop a pop-up that screamed my computed was infected with worms and viruses, that I picked up on my daily visit to the other day.

Warnings abound – “this could happen to you ” when it happened,  at first i didn’t get it.  The pop-up was a security system warning report that showed that I had multiple viruses and worms.  It had a Microsoft page top – it seemed to be a Microsoft product.  I thought it was legit.  It asked me if I wanted to erase or quarantine the nasty critters,  I clicked the button and was sent to a MasterCard-Visa screen to pay for the security program.

Then I realized that I was a victim.  So, found the program in my “programs” on “My Computer”, and deleted it.  Then I deleted the icon it had put on my desktop.  And figured, that was that.  Wrong!  It continued the pop-ups indicating multiple viruses and worms infected my computer.  The little icon on the right-bottom of my desktop would not go away.

Now I am starting to panic…so, I went to the Cox Free McAfee spy-ware program and set it to the “big” scan…and should have gone to sleep ’cause this process took over six hours and it was worth every minute.  McAfee indicated that I was”clean” and since I’m a bit paranoid, I set my Ad-Aware program scanning till that showed I was virus free.

After a while, the bad-guy-security-system-small icon – on the bottom right of my desktop screen disappeared and I vowed never to travel the Internet carelessly.  I will read the http:// address atop the page top be sure it’s the address i entered.  That was the problem with

I realized that I had in my “favorites” and did an automatic click and didn’t pay attention when I noted the different address – just goofed it off.  What a blunder!  The address I was sent to wasn’t –  It was  

Under the impression that my computer would let me know I had serious problems by crashing, I wasn’t on top of watching for slowdowns, pop-ups that won’t go away, being sent to sites I did not intend to visit and noting search results that were not normal.  Well, it’s APRIL FOOL’S DAY and although every one’s playing tricks today – this is for-real – and , I’m not laughing.


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