Capitolize on “Made in America Michelle-Wear?”

So she touched the Queen…uh…uh…the Queen touched her first!  Now that we know protocol was not breached and our First Lady can do no wrong…

…and her brand of fashion is as big a topic in London today as the world economic G-20 summit.  Don’t we need to capitolize and start “Made for Michelle in the USA” fashion outlets in London, Paris, Moscow, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Berlin?  

Interesting that the Brits have just opened a four floor, block square TOPSHOP retail clothing and accessory outlet in New York City’s SOHO district.  The Brits have joined the hoard of popular Japanese boutiques that dot Soho’s winding streets.

TOPSHOP features lots of feathered skirts, $80. affordable blue jeans and $200. bloused tops.  jewelry, purses, scarves, belts -= all Impulse-purchase items intermixed with dresses and pants.  Although, American manufacturers feature Michelle’s sleeveless dress and cardigan-over-tube skirt styles, the Brits are blending easy, cute, high fashion at medium prices and selling them here.

With Isaac Mizrahi designing and updating the fuddy-duddy, medium-priced Liz Claiborne label…power-suit, Talbots copying last season’s Prada style at mass-market prices and tailored, Ann Taylor in the mix, since, the world is watching and copying the mix and match colorful, jeweled,cardigan over straight,slit skirt  “Michelle-O” look, maybe we need to be opening “Michelle-Wear”, sleeveless shops and selling our American-made, First Lady style worldwide too.

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