Following President Obama’s G20 London appearance and speeches, I  thought back to my days as Great Britain’s Mirror Group newspapers “American Numerologist” introducing the national lottery.  Months of daily articles and pictures and TV, radio and super market openings…I spoke to media and audiences off-the-cuff” a lot.  My appearances weren’t scripted by the newspaper pundits.  They let me have a go at it, create a stir and bashed my “truth-speak” appearances later.  I made news.  What I said and how i said it was deemed “brash” and “so American.”   Everyone I met was friendly and approving.  Assuming in the American-way, what I saw was what I was getting.  I never got it.  I never imagined. “What are they really thinking?”

All I did was look people in the eye, be natural and tell the truth.  Did I touch anyone?  I’m not a “get-into-your-space” type.  Neither is Obama as witnessed by his recoiling when being introduced to French President Sarkozy’s wife, she leaned in and tried to kiss him.  Should Obama have known that that’s the way of the French and accepted the smooch and “done the right thing?”  The diplomatic way is to make the other guy comfortable…no matter what blunder they commit!   Was he rude or brash when he commented he was a married man and didn’t do that.

Obama’s “truth-speak” of problems between USA and European countries must have caused more reaction than met they eye.  That the Queen not only allowed Michelle Obama to put her arm around her waist but reciprocated is proof of the European training and ability to publicly appear pleased when in reality, they are often disdainful of the naivete and lack of veils when with Americans.  However, everyone wanted a picture with Obama – he makes news.
Overtly complimentary worldwide dignitaries may be thinking he’s naive, brash…rushing change.  Europeans have diplomatic layers of showing one face to the world and another in their home office.  The new kid on the block, Obama, deserves points for trying to “truth-speak” and save time.  Obama wants to bypass the fur boa fluff and get to the solutions.  In “truth-speak”, Obama got a feather.  I wonder, what are they’re really thinking?


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