…awoke this morning comparing UFO – Unidentified Flying Objects – sightings with the rocket-like Stock Market rally…both are interesting and unlikely to hold up under scrutiny.

Numerology’s number value for the letters, UFO calculates like this…U = 3, F = 6 and O = 6.  Add the 3 + 6 + 6 = 15, add again – 1 + 5 = #6.  Numerology’s’ definition of the number 6 is domestic focus.  That keeps UFOs in our galaxy…basically coming from  earth.  Flash sightings are unsupported by data and…

…the Stock Market  is comprised of many “UFOs”…Unidentified Flying Objects called stocks – domestically based, with fluctuating signals flashing on and off mysteriously, unsupported by economic data.

In 2009, Numerology’s #11/2 Universal Year cycle, the #11 spiritual visionary explains the unexplainable and the #2 materially explains the bevy of often unsubstantiated, delaying details being revealed.  Nowhere in this equation is there a practical foundation for prolonged activity or a means to predict a time when proven data reports will put an end to the mysterious.


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