Birthday numbers may be luckier for some than for others  – faster to accept a need for change – in this unexpected economy.   When it comes to independently making changes, being comfortable with risks and  thinking out of the box, some birthdays are more helpful. 

Numerologists can forecast the birthday numbers that describe types of people that adapt to job loss by making changes in objectives and expectations more quickly than others..  Birthday numbers also identify people who are inclined to wait  – expect that help will come to them through relationships, investigations, social contacts and miracles. 

The numbers in the entire date of birth influence a lifetime.  The birthday part of the birth date describes overall career talents and the type of opportunities that arise between ages 28 and 55 approximately.   If you’re wondering why a neighbor lost his high-pay-management techie-designer-programming job, realized the odds were against him for immediate employment and opened a hot dog stand almost immediately…the following birthday information may answer your question.

#1, #10, #19, #28 birthdays are independent, creative self-starters.  These birthdays are more inclined to take control of a situation, want to solve their problems instantly and open their own business.

#5, #14, #23 birthdays are multi-task-er-risk-takers who create opportunities to do many things at one time and will leave hometown predictability for the challenging rush of a gold-rush-gold-mining town with the prospect of becoming a strike-it-rich-prospector.

#8, #17, #26 birthdays are problem-solvers who want the freedom that money and power can buy.  They organize and manage the unexpected financial problems, have work energy and the ambition to want to make everything they do payoff.

Other birthdays will have different approaches to a need to make changes.  They solve problems in different ways.  Some emotionalize and detail too much before they get started.  Some visualize solutions to problems, talk about what they’re gonna’ do and scatter energy when they should focus.  Others get caught in family obligations and assume burdens for everyone until they cannot help themselves.  Then there are some birthdays that think, think and think again – research for the perfect solution to the problem and cannot take action.  Finally, there are birthdays that philosophize problems.  These dramatic, romantics are out to save the world and will attempt to start a non-profit to help others they see as less fortunate then themselves.

So, some birthdays have personality traits that need time to find solutions.  Some birthdays seem to be luckier than others by accepting change, adapting and solving problems almost immediately.


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