He’s here!  A gift of Portuguese Water Dog fancier, Ted Kennedy…No, not the Easter Bunny,  It’s BO, the First Dog, probably heading’ for the White House lawn to find his egg shaped dogie bones.  He’s a numerology #8, strong like bull, energetic and shrewd.  A problem-solver learning to avoid marking his territory on the what-could-be a problematic carpet in a problem-filled Oval Office..

The name BO…B A #2, and O, A #6, are the first letters of Barack Obama.  The initials of the Pres.  Ti’s said, the Obama girl’s named him with First Lady, Michelle’s dad, called “Diddley”, in mind.  No matter…Bo has his own personality and character.

BO is a #8 talent and means of self-expression with protective traits, strength and mental agility.  His natural instincts – the things that make him comfortable – he wants to be the center of an adoring family.  He wants a family to love, stability and a secure, comfortable nest.  He’s not a one person pet and needs a lot of exercise.  He is obsessive in his concern for his family….a bit of a worrier.  His first impression…not pushy and appears to be sensitive and gentle.  Great name!

Days after Passover and on a #9 “empathetic, compassionate, philosophical” Universal Day, this Easter Sunday, finally…the long-awaited pup brings a smile and there’s a visual of the patient Obama girls in delight – and, a moment of family-style joy to share


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