Yesterday, I analyzed First Dog’s nickname, BO.  However, numerology natal charting requires the First Dog’s name on the birth certificate – not the nickname, BO – to unleash the depths of his personality and character.  AMIGOS NEW HOPE, Bo’s birth name reveals…

…from the vowels in Bo’s birth name – a #5, we learn what makes him comfortable and that spiritually, his “Soul Urge” may make him  candidate for immediate training.  The number 5 makes BO freedom loving, curious, enthusiastic about everything and probably going to stick his snoot into places it shouldn’t be – Bo’s gonna’ be unpredictable at times.  From  the name #7, AMIGOS, his intelligence is guaranteed.  The middle name #5, NEW, indicates emotional flexibility and indicates that he’ll deal with many people effortlessly and take new new experiences in his stride.  The last name #11/2, HOPE, indicates that he is sensitive and may be a bit high strung and nervous when the women on his life are upset.  His natural instinct overview indicates that he he’ll use new, unexpected experiences as learning tools.

The #1 consonants in AMIGOS, indicates a sense of humor – playfulness and beautiful eyes and a memorable voice.  Middle name, #1, NEW, indicates a desire for independence and leadership.  The last name consonants for #6, HOPE, indicate a comforting, sturdy, nurturing first impression.

BO’s #6 talents are revealed from numerology’s #6 total of all the letters in the name, AMIGOS NEW HOPE.  The number 6 total reveals a need for balance in relationships, love of home and family and the talent to show emotional concern as the center of an adoring family.  He will be responsive to moods, music and affection.  His #1 name AMIGOS, indicates he wants to be alpha and with other animals will take the lead.  He will challenge human authority and learn when to mind his manners.   BO has the strength, stamina, problem-solving abilities of the #8, from his last name, HOPE.  Combining his name talents, BO is the cosmic Papa who will take independent action when needed and guard the First Family like a good CEO…covering all bases.

Numerologists believe, “There are no coincidences!”   BO’s #8 nickname descriptions include the numbers 2 and 6.  The birth name descriptions numbers 5,1 and 6, indicate how “coincidentally” similar the name descriptions are.


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