After listening to President Obama address the nation this morning, as if he was speaking to grownups, I am relieved.  The information was full-bodied…no promise of immediate stimulus quick-fix…just slow change for the better…however, I came away with clarity on all the growth points he made…the now of it and the future…and, I think he spoke his truth.  I can accept that as my truth.   His do-nothing, private agenda critics do him injustice.

After the speech. my feelings are so Second World War…To feel confidence in the president’s ideas and visualizations…I have hope again and again I have a visualization – in my memory, so Franklin D. Roosevelt.  Obama, like Roosevelt, spoke directly to me.  Obama made very clear his five pillars, planted on a rock foundation for the nation’s future.  Roosevelt’s bullet points were cemented into a solid rock of unified American people.   Today, although he didn’t say it, the people are the “rock foundation” of which Obama speaks.  As adults, given detailed information – educated to understand the why of problems, we can get behind the President’s goals if we choose to unify.

Many people say, there’s no job for me now and cannot enjoy the information or the visualization.  However, at least they’re being treated as adults, learning, getting detailed information that relates to their problems and a plan.  After, so many years of non-reality promises, generalizations in thud and duh presidential speeches, just knowing more about what’s happening to me brings emotional relief. 

If there is less ignorance and more information, I hope it will revitalize the people’s ability to use the patience of maturity and join together .  We were a mighty nation after Pearl Harbor – this is the Pearl Harbor of the new millennium and supported by knowledge, we should be able to visualize how a safer, more secure, productive future can be attained. 


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