Reading through the news is a mind-boggling experience day-by-day.  Some stories do not compute.

Like…J P Morgan Chase Bank gets the go-ahead to build a corporate jet hanger…

and…Michigan  public officials driving foreign cars…Detroit deputy mayor drives a Lexus…State Reps. driving Subaru, Mitsubishi and City manager, Larry Wilson, makes it perfectly clear, “I can buy whatever I want to in this country.”

Visualize a a guy stepping on a Python snake.  The snake lifts the man into a tree.  The man gets his cell out of his jacket pocket and phones his boss for help.  Then bites the tail of the 13′ Python…snakes tail is thorny so man get a bit of a cut…and is pulled out of tree with Python still wrapped around him and is now safe and sound…Python was taken to preserve, slipped under door and escaped…Python still at large.

Currently there is a Bed Bug infestation worldwide…not since the 1950’s have bed bugs united to bite their way into the front pages.  A Summit headed by the Environmental Protection Agency , in an Arlington hotel (that is bed bug free at the moment), is looking into a solution to the infestation since there are few chemicals on the market approved for use on mattresses. 

A Gitmo prisoner phoned a TV station…wants a reality show?  And must have thought of the idea due to the slimes, Octo-Mom and  Blagojevich tagged for TV fame and as we speak, are in contract negotiations.

Ultra religious, Mel Gibson divorcing wife of twenty-eight years and umpteen children, for hottie he met on movie set four years ago.  Wasn’t he pushing Catholicism’s , “Passion of the Christ” – his heavily publicized as upholding his religions morals, ethics and standards – not to mention “doctrines”, ultra-biggoted Jesus flick,  at the same time?

Finally…with mind-boggled – I read, an effort to maintain the elephant population in Poland the Polish Zoo has purchased a gay elephant……something wrong with this picture.


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