NUMEROLOGIST’S ANALYSIS OF SUSAN BOYLE…Will she get kissed or marry?

Predicting Susan Boyle’s future and searching back through her childhood is numerology fun.  From her instant recognition, It seems that anyone from Ashton Kutcher to Oprah to Bo, the First Dog, would predict fame and fortune.  But, what is really in store for Susan Boyle?  Will she ever get kissed or marry?  Will she permit a makeover to change her looks?  Will she get taken-over by managers, agents and media hype?  This numerologist has the answers.

It wasn’t out of character for Susan to want to sing or to care for her elderly mother.  She has a #6 Natural Instinct that makes her comfortable nurturing, teaching, comforting and collecting lasting relationships.  Her roots are deep.  Her morals and ethics are high-minded and she would expect everyone to live up to her standards.  She has a strongly practical, hands-on, hard-working Soul Urge.  To attract people and experiences that make her comfortable, Susan should wear the color blue.

The first name “Susan” and the family name, “Boyle”, both spiritually special #11/2, give her the knowledge that she is intended to be and do something to uplift others and leave a lasting image.   Susan has always known that she is “special.”  To reinforce her ability to attract a following, she should wear white metal jewelry and the color silver.

Since puberty, Susan’s #1 Self Image that is also her First Impression number, makes her independent and willing to fight city hall for the things she believes.  She appears to be different and wants to be the one to break the mold…break with tradition…be a “first.”  Wearing the color red, will stimulate independent activity.

Intelligence is Susan’s strong suite…her #7 Means of Self Expression helps her rsearch, analyze and calculate how to use her talents and find ways to make herself comfortable.  Susan is a perfectionist.  From the talents in the name “Boyle”, she is a constant multi-task er, risk-taker and her own best promoter.  The royal purple is her #7 color.  Wearing purple will enhance her ability to attract professionals, to support her aristocratic tastes and maintain her perfectionist focus.

Born on June 6, 1961, Susan’s #20/2 destiny will put her in  a position to marry in a few years and if she avoids over-emotionalizing, collecting petty irritations and expecting unconditional love from all, partnerships will serve her well.  She is a late bloomer and matured at 35.  Life was unsettled until 2005 when she entered a #8 money, power and problem-solving nine year cycle.  She will thrive through 2013 – achieve her greatest success between the 21 and 30 of September 2012, and enjoy travel and new enthusiasms through 2022.  The Wisdom cycle of Susan’s life begins at age 63 when her health improves, stamina increases and her power position is improved.

The color orange is Susan’s Destiny color.  However, she has Challenges to her Destiny Number and it’s best if she avoids wearing or surrounding herself with orange tones.  Since colors attract the the type of people and experiences that have the number meaning, Susan will not be thrown off by emotionally challenging problems if orange is avoided.

Susan Boyle’s lucky numbers – 6, 1, 7 and her Destiny Number 2 are fun for this numerologist to know and analyze.  Although Susan is a “late bloomer”, I expect she  will make dramatic changes between June of 2011 and June of 2012.  It is possible she will fall in love that same year and live happily ever after with a supportive, sensitive Destiny mate.

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