Like Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Barack Obama, Oprah…Jay Leno has confidence without arrogance.  I like him.  So, first order of my day is to calculate Jay Leno’s chart to see if there was a serious reason why he checked into the hospital yesterday. 

James Douglas Muir (Jay) Leno, Born on April 28, 1950, according to numerology, has chronic problems, like allergies and rashes brought on by emotional stress.  He’s a really sensitive guy who wants unconditional love.  His close relationship to his mother (#2 Challenge), lack of preparation for surprises and changes (#5 Challenge) and insecurity about his social self and appearance (#3 Challenge) imbalance him emotionally.  Numerology’s identification of emotional Challenge imbalances indicate changes in body chemistry that effect specific areas of the body.  These chemical changes are the basis for dis-ease.

Jay might have reproductive organ (#5) or throat problems (#3) during his lifetime.  But for now, Jays’ going through a #7 Personal Year…#7 Personal Years do a number on all of us.  Every nine years we go through a spiritual inner growth cycle…Jay’s asking himself, ‘What am I gonna’ be when I grow up?”  He’s taking himself seriously and although…

…Jay’s natural instinct is to be a happy, optimistic, playful spotlight-stealer – comfortable playing with his toys, between March and September of 2009, his lighthearted, youthful boyishness will deepen to a more serious outlook, accompanied by a need for privacy, to accommodate his inner questioning.  We’ll see an energized, less introspective, more outgoing Jay bounce back in October.

It seems that Jay Leno does not have a life threatening medical problem.  Now that I’ve settled that concern, comparisons I’ve made to Leno come to mind.  On this #3 “let’s communicate” Universal Day, contemplate this one…There are people – Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bush, Hitler, Palin, Limbaugh and England’s Prince Charles that use arrogance to show confidence.  Then there’s Leno, Newman, Obama, Redford, Oprah…examples of confidence without arrogance.  I like their style.


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