This numerologist has been waiting for the second shoe to drop…expecting a rise in Mob…Mafia…influence on the desperate in the current economy.  Whose got cash now?  Who lends to the jobless and hopeless?  Who has the manpower and image to intimidate?  Not to say that The Mob ever went away.  They’ve been hovering since the Cosa Nostra crash and this is their moment in the sun.

They’re back…larger than AIG …buying premium real estate, supermarkets, gas stations and making loans to cash poor businesses.  In Milan, Rome – throughout Italy their board of directors meet to connect with China’s flourishing crime bosses, who manufacture “Gucci”, Vuiton”, Chanel”,  to import to Italy and export to the US, Great Britain, France, Germany, Australia…they make fabulous fakes that bring in greater profits than drug-trafficking.   

Ever watchful for restaurateurs seeking capitol, manufacturers selling off inventory, office building owners cutting rents…they are well organized for stepping in with loan-sharking, high interest loans – offers one cannot refuse when desperate – waiting for the loan not to be repaid.  Then then Mob owns the lender and the business.

It’s not only loan-sharking to jobless, foreclosed upon, physically ill individuals that is putting Mafia founded problems in the forefront today.   Neighborhood grocer to mass-market clothing manufacturer and book publisher  – to maintain and stay afloat through slow cycles – in every area of the economy – requires cash-flow.  In your neighborhood.. your lifestyle…after you can’t get a bank loan, exhaust family and friends, try gambling in Vegas for a miracle…who stands ready with bulging pockets?  Who do  you turn to?  If it’s the loan-sharking Mafia,  you have bigger problems than before. 

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