For a man who respects preparation – and observes consistent planning, managing and organizing – in detail – “luck” isn’t usually an option for President Obama.  However, in a #5 “expect the unexpected ’cause plans will be changed” Personal Year, we expect May – his #1 “begin projects” Personal Month – will see him doing things more spontaneously.  He’ll take action when happenings encourage him to shuffle his priorities and solve problems by the “hunt and peck” – “play your hunch” methods.

#5 is an adventurous, fast paced vibration…it’s year long cycle includes mental and physical travel, surprises and learning from experience – not books or past performance.  Although January is the first month of 2009, it was not the true beginning of Obama’s #5 Personal Year of surprises and progress through versatility.

In a #5 Personal Year, the #1 month of instigation’s. spontaneity, new enthusiasms, experimentation , adaptability is May…and, May brings in new goals and challenges that include a variety of adventures for our Pres.  He likes to be prepared.  There is no way to prepare for happenings that are out of the ordinary and have no routine. 

The most challenging aspects between May and the beginning of October for President Obama, are to welcome new situations and people to make room for the new but not to scatter efforts and interests…the prevailing atmosphere of change leaves no time for concentration – actions are immediate and most will include untried ventures.
Obama needs the freedom to experiment in 2009.  His greatest talent is problem-solving efficiently.  He will have good luck.  Between May and September’s constant changes, he’ll need it.

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