What makes anyone think that Susan Boyle doesn’t know exactly how she appears and what she is aiming for?  Her talents are born in her #6 soul…she has the rhythm of life behind every note and lessons, practice and a #7 intellect – scrutinizing opportunities and perfecting every move she makes.

Susan’s an observer who analyzes.  In addition she is clever at self promotion…a multi-task er with an eye for detail.  Is she hurt by nasty comments.  Very much.  However she can be a subtle manipulator and appear to ignore unpleasant experiences.

Susan’s destiny includes many challenges to her sensitivity.  However, from 2005 through 2013, she is in a #8 “power, money and problem-solving” nine year cycle.  Born in the sixth month of the calendar year, June, on the #6 day, her #6 soul is supported by meeting people and experiences that are compatible and recognize her as a musical kindred spirit. 

Susan’s greatest successes will come from working with a partner – singing duets.,  She will hog the spotlight.  However, her good fortune is to be found surrounded by groups – like a choir – and with a “mate”- a partner.  Perhaps, with her innate intelligence, her independence can be squelched.  However, there is a needy little girl lurking inside of Susan that will always try to find unconditional love…often in the wrong places.

It is unlikely that Susan has never been kissed or “turned on.”  She is sensual, curious and knows how to make a lover comfortable.  While taking care of her mother, she’s taken singing lessons, been coached to perform before audiences, maintained relationships at her village pub, enjoyed applause singing Karaoke…and, will satisfy her feelings of restlessness and desire for adventure between her 47 and 49 birthdays.

We’ll see a serious, more elegant, focused performer after June of 2010.  Susan’s life may appear to be at sixes and sevens and she has only one major Challenge to overcome…personalizing, over-emotionalizing, self-absorption  However, there are powerful eights to protect her health and financial success in her motivation and Destiny.  Her success in later years is assured…her successes in 2009 are at sixes and sevens.

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