May 2009  should bring improvements in the market, notable inventions and examination and analysis of the inner workings of committees and governments.  The “secrets” of May, when revealed in June, lead to economic progress.

Expect to experience a “still and deep” month with focus on disputes within committees or nations, controversies over rights and principles and developments – although positive – are kept secret.

Public attention will be drawn to elements related to water…waterways and dam improvements and long water journeys.  Media attention will be drawn to public displays of irritation in the cities, individuals will perfect budgeting plans and social activity is kept to a minimum.

May promises to be a month of improvements in finances although the 14 through the 21 will bring in some misleading information.  The 1 through 7 are particularly good for those individuals, businesses and nations willing to re-examine. research and analyze.

Overall, with conclusions of a few problems between the 7 and 14 and political gaffs and a slightly erratic market between the 21 and 31, May prepares June for growth.  

June 2009 ushers-in expression of accumulated irritations, substantial expansion, business promotions and powerful attempts at financial and political problem-solving.

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