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April 16, 2009

It’s numerology’s #6 “focus on family, relationships and balancing rights and wrongs” Universal Month, so, family values are top news.  Here’s a tip for what not-to-do and a a place to go for suggestions for what-to-do for parents and kids.

Natural parents are straining to maintain homes for their children and suffering the anxiety and depression that accompanies job loss – or fears of job loss and it’s disgusting to read that Nadya “Octo-Mom” Suleman has paid $550. to lawyers to apply for her trademarked nickname.  News of the increase in abused infants and children reported by hospitals followed Octomom’s lawyer’s announcement that Octomom’s trademarked name would inspire these same parents to pay to put her greed and disgrace on the backs of their kids.  Both news stories are horrific.

Would you buy infant diapers, sleepwear, tees and other necessities with the “Octomom” label?  Nadya assumes you will.  Just as she assumes you’ll follow her and takes money from, the National Enquirer web site, for exclusive rights to her notoriety.  Now, she’s gonna’ capitalize on royalties from product sales.  Her lawyer says it’s a boon for taxpayers and will keep Nadya off the publicly subsidized charity lines.  I will never understand lawyers: Anything can be rationalized!

It’s not difficult to understand why parents would have more resentment and frustration – less patience for spilled milk and no reason for singing nursery rhymes.  It is difficult to imagine anyone – doting grandparent or desperate parent – putting the “Octomom” label anywhere near a child to save on taxes.  However…good and bad strange things have happened. has a great article by Gretchen Rubin that includes “twelve commandments” to ease the day-to-day stresses of the short-on-money-short-on-patience parent.  Her advice is free, sensible and may save a child from hurt or death and a parent from grief and regret.  You can find everything you look for in America…there is self-serving Nadya Suleman and there is empathetic journalist, Gretchen Rubin, who does understand the stressful feelings of hopelessness and fear this economy is having on parenting and voluntarily contributes rather than being-on-the-take.


April 15, 2009

Reading through the news is a mind-boggling experience day-by-day.  Some stories do not compute.

Like…J P Morgan Chase Bank gets the go-ahead to build a corporate jet hanger…

and…Michigan  public officials driving foreign cars…Detroit deputy mayor drives a Lexus…State Reps. driving Subaru, Mitsubishi and City manager, Larry Wilson, makes it perfectly clear, “I can buy whatever I want to in this country.”

Visualize a a guy stepping on a Python snake.  The snake lifts the man into a tree.  The man gets his cell out of his jacket pocket and phones his boss for help.  Then bites the tail of the 13′ Python…snakes tail is thorny so man get a bit of a cut…and is pulled out of tree with Python still wrapped around him and is now safe and sound…Python was taken to preserve, slipped under door and escaped…Python still at large.

Currently there is a Bed Bug infestation worldwide…not since the 1950’s have bed bugs united to bite their way into the front pages.  A Summit headed by the Environmental Protection Agency , in an Arlington hotel (that is bed bug free at the moment), is looking into a solution to the infestation since there are few chemicals on the market approved for use on mattresses. 

A Gitmo prisoner phoned a TV station…wants a reality show?  And must have thought of the idea due to the slimes, Octo-Mom and  Blagojevich tagged for TV fame and as we speak, are in contract negotiations.

Ultra religious, Mel Gibson divorcing wife of twenty-eight years and umpteen children, for hottie he met on movie set four years ago.  Wasn’t he pushing Catholicism’s , “Passion of the Christ” – his heavily publicized as upholding his religions morals, ethics and standards – not to mention “doctrines”, ultra-biggoted Jesus flick,  at the same time?

Finally…with mind-boggled – I read, an effort to maintain the elephant population in Poland the Polish Zoo has purchased a gay elephant……something wrong with this picture.


April 14, 2009

After listening to President Obama address the nation this morning, as if he was speaking to grownups, I am relieved.  The information was full-bodied…no promise of immediate stimulus quick-fix…just slow change for the better…however, I came away with clarity on all the growth points he made…the now of it and the future…and, I think he spoke his truth.  I can accept that as my truth.   His do-nothing, private agenda critics do him injustice.

After the speech. my feelings are so Second World War…To feel confidence in the president’s ideas and visualizations…I have hope again and again I have a visualization – in my memory, so Franklin D. Roosevelt.  Obama, like Roosevelt, spoke directly to me.  Obama made very clear his five pillars, planted on a rock foundation for the nation’s future.  Roosevelt’s bullet points were cemented into a solid rock of unified American people.   Today, although he didn’t say it, the people are the “rock foundation” of which Obama speaks.  As adults, given detailed information – educated to understand the why of problems, we can get behind the President’s goals if we choose to unify.

Many people say, there’s no job for me now and cannot enjoy the information or the visualization.  However, at least they’re being treated as adults, learning, getting detailed information that relates to their problems and a plan.  After, so many years of non-reality promises, generalizations in thud and duh presidential speeches, just knowing more about what’s happening to me brings emotional relief. 

If there is less ignorance and more information, I hope it will revitalize the people’s ability to use the patience of maturity and join together .  We were a mighty nation after Pearl Harbor – this is the Pearl Harbor of the new millennium and supported by knowledge, we should be able to visualize how a safer, more secure, productive future can be attained. 


April 13, 2009

Yesterday, I analyzed First Dog’s nickname, BO.  However, numerology natal charting requires the First Dog’s name on the birth certificate – not the nickname, BO – to unleash the depths of his personality and character.  AMIGOS NEW HOPE, Bo’s birth name reveals…

…from the vowels in Bo’s birth name – a #5, we learn what makes him comfortable and that spiritually, his “Soul Urge” may make him  candidate for immediate training.  The number 5 makes BO freedom loving, curious, enthusiastic about everything and probably going to stick his snoot into places it shouldn’t be – Bo’s gonna’ be unpredictable at times.  From  the name #7, AMIGOS, his intelligence is guaranteed.  The middle name #5, NEW, indicates emotional flexibility and indicates that he’ll deal with many people effortlessly and take new new experiences in his stride.  The last name #11/2, HOPE, indicates that he is sensitive and may be a bit high strung and nervous when the women on his life are upset.  His natural instinct overview indicates that he he’ll use new, unexpected experiences as learning tools.

The #1 consonants in AMIGOS, indicates a sense of humor – playfulness and beautiful eyes and a memorable voice.  Middle name, #1, NEW, indicates a desire for independence and leadership.  The last name consonants for #6, HOPE, indicate a comforting, sturdy, nurturing first impression.

BO’s #6 talents are revealed from numerology’s #6 total of all the letters in the name, AMIGOS NEW HOPE.  The number 6 total reveals a need for balance in relationships, love of home and family and the talent to show emotional concern as the center of an adoring family.  He will be responsive to moods, music and affection.  His #1 name AMIGOS, indicates he wants to be alpha and with other animals will take the lead.  He will challenge human authority and learn when to mind his manners.   BO has the strength, stamina, problem-solving abilities of the #8, from his last name, HOPE.  Combining his name talents, BO is the cosmic Papa who will take independent action when needed and guard the First Family like a good CEO…covering all bases.

Numerologists believe, “There are no coincidences!”   BO’s #8 nickname descriptions include the numbers 2 and 6.  The birth name descriptions numbers 5,1 and 6, indicate how “coincidentally” similar the name descriptions are.


April 12, 2009

He’s here!  A gift of Portuguese Water Dog fancier, Ted Kennedy…No, not the Easter Bunny,  It’s BO, the First Dog, probably heading’ for the White House lawn to find his egg shaped dogie bones.  He’s a numerology #8, strong like bull, energetic and shrewd.  A problem-solver learning to avoid marking his territory on the what-could-be a problematic carpet in a problem-filled Oval Office..

The name BO…B A #2, and O, A #6, are the first letters of Barack Obama.  The initials of the Pres.  Ti’s said, the Obama girl’s named him with First Lady, Michelle’s dad, called “Diddley”, in mind.  No matter…Bo has his own personality and character.

BO is a #8 talent and means of self-expression with protective traits, strength and mental agility.  His natural instincts – the things that make him comfortable – he wants to be the center of an adoring family.  He wants a family to love, stability and a secure, comfortable nest.  He’s not a one person pet and needs a lot of exercise.  He is obsessive in his concern for his family….a bit of a worrier.  His first impression…not pushy and appears to be sensitive and gentle.  Great name!

Days after Passover and on a #9 “empathetic, compassionate, philosophical” Universal Day, this Easter Sunday, finally…the long-awaited pup brings a smile and there’s a visual of the patient Obama girls in delight – and, a moment of family-style joy to share


April 11, 2009

Birthday numbers may be luckier for some than for others  – faster to accept a need for change – in this unexpected economy.   When it comes to independently making changes, being comfortable with risks and  thinking out of the box, some birthdays are more helpful. 

Numerologists can forecast the birthday numbers that describe types of people that adapt to job loss by making changes in objectives and expectations more quickly than others..  Birthday numbers also identify people who are inclined to wait  – expect that help will come to them through relationships, investigations, social contacts and miracles. 

The numbers in the entire date of birth influence a lifetime.  The birthday part of the birth date describes overall career talents and the type of opportunities that arise between ages 28 and 55 approximately.   If you’re wondering why a neighbor lost his high-pay-management techie-designer-programming job, realized the odds were against him for immediate employment and opened a hot dog stand almost immediately…the following birthday information may answer your question.

#1, #10, #19, #28 birthdays are independent, creative self-starters.  These birthdays are more inclined to take control of a situation, want to solve their problems instantly and open their own business.

#5, #14, #23 birthdays are multi-task-er-risk-takers who create opportunities to do many things at one time and will leave hometown predictability for the challenging rush of a gold-rush-gold-mining town with the prospect of becoming a strike-it-rich-prospector.

#8, #17, #26 birthdays are problem-solvers who want the freedom that money and power can buy.  They organize and manage the unexpected financial problems, have work energy and the ambition to want to make everything they do payoff.

Other birthdays will have different approaches to a need to make changes.  They solve problems in different ways.  Some emotionalize and detail too much before they get started.  Some visualize solutions to problems, talk about what they’re gonna’ do and scatter energy when they should focus.  Others get caught in family obligations and assume burdens for everyone until they cannot help themselves.  Then there are some birthdays that think, think and think again – research for the perfect solution to the problem and cannot take action.  Finally, there are birthdays that philosophize problems.  These dramatic, romantics are out to save the world and will attempt to start a non-profit to help others they see as less fortunate then themselves.

So, some birthdays have personality traits that need time to find solutions.  Some birthdays seem to be luckier than others by accepting change, adapting and solving problems almost immediately.


April 10, 2009

…awoke this morning comparing UFO – Unidentified Flying Objects – sightings with the rocket-like Stock Market rally…both are interesting and unlikely to hold up under scrutiny.

Numerology’s number value for the letters, UFO calculates like this…U = 3, F = 6 and O = 6.  Add the 3 + 6 + 6 = 15, add again – 1 + 5 = #6.  Numerology’s’ definition of the number 6 is domestic focus.  That keeps UFOs in our galaxy…basically coming from  earth.  Flash sightings are unsupported by data and…

…the Stock Market  is comprised of many “UFOs”…Unidentified Flying Objects called stocks – domestically based, with fluctuating signals flashing on and off mysteriously, unsupported by economic data.

In 2009, Numerology’s #11/2 Universal Year cycle, the #11 spiritual visionary explains the unexplainable and the #2 materially explains the bevy of often unsubstantiated, delaying details being revealed.  Nowhere in this equation is there a practical foundation for prolonged activity or a means to predict a time when proven data reports will put an end to the mysterious.


April 9, 2009

Tis sad, the largest building project in the world, the 9 billion dollar Las Vegas City Center, an MGM Mirage and Dubai World extravaganza geared to spiff up a becoming tawdry strip, may be doomed to bankruptcy.  The economy is hurting corporations that own Vegas now.  However, corporations run Vegas on spread sheet checks and balances – casino employees use business etiquette.  If “the Boys” maned the tables, we’d see gamblers loyalty.  Steady gamblers were ‘family” before the 80’s.  Families stick together when times are tough and Vegas regulars – little fish or gigunda whales – would be loyal to their adopted Vegas uncles and come home when times are tough.

Corporations courted penurious engineers who attended tech conventions and went to sleep at 9.  They invited families with toddlers that left strollers in the way of perspiring gamblers rushing to the sound of a hot streak at a crap table.  Corporations think like corporations.  This surprising Las Vegas Pearl Harbor blow never would have happened if “The Boys”  were protecting the “family business.”. 

They took a risk in the 1930’s on Bugsy Segal’s Flamingo Hotel extravaganza – a gold mine in the middle of the desert – that laid the foundation of impeccable hospitality and reckless generosity to gamblers and created the miracle that became Las Vegas.

After corporations took over Las Vegas hospitality things really changed from warm to cool.  Pre 1980’s corporate takeover of hotel-casinos,  you gambled without calculating how-many-hours you stayed at a machine or stood at a table.  True, you had to meet casino bosses expectations.  However, they never made you conscious of it.  It’s not that way now.
The Boys” seemed to nurture, comfort and ply you with gifts anyway you played – as long as you stayed more than  three days and returned and returned.  They commiserated with you if you were losing…suggested you go home and return at another time – presumably when your luck would be better .  If you were winning, they sent Dom Perignon your rooms and made sure you celebrated.  As long as you came home to them regularly, knowing that the house always wins in the long run – no matter how they got your money, you were treated like family.

Tis sad…If the 9 billion dollar City Center – a complex of hotels, shops, condos, casinos…bling and glitz – .must fail, it will hurt 8,500 construction workers – 10,000 permanent workers and collapse the city “The Boys” built.  The original Las Vegas investors have critics too – as well as supporters like me.  However, think them “good people” or “no-so-good-people”. I cannot believe “The Boys” would lose their classy “cool” or their protective brand of checks and balances or their visionary talents and let Vegas sink to this embarrassing level.


April 8, 2009

Thinkin’ and drinkin’ in this confusing era is becoming a nasty habit.  Thinkin’ about Obama’s urging us to spend money now and save it later just rattles my dwindling savings and boggles my mind.  He makes intellectual sense.  My emotions do not compute.  Gotta’ create a better habit.

The answers to doing the “right thing” are fuzzy enough without a drink.  With a drink, I remember reading that a cat made a miracle: survived five weeks buried under fallen concrete.  I imagine that if a cat survived five weeks and solved it’s problems, I can find a way to surface too. 

Living alone makes it too easy to drink alone.  There are many reasons why – young or old – that’s not a good idea.  So, after my basic tenet, never drive when drinking, is my promise to me to think sober and drink with company. 

Into correcting a bad habit, solving problems before I create them and thinkin’ safe, now I’m on a roll with safety nets for drinkin’ in general and particularly in this emotionally challenging economy.

My rules for “Drinkin’ Good” are on the frig for easy reference.  If you’re into thinkin’ and drinkin’ – visualizing the worst scenario and writing act three before you live act one…

Ground rules:  never drink and drive.
                           never drink alone.
                           never drink depressed. 

6 Steps to being a “Good Drinker.”

1. Prepare to drink by drinking water before and after to avoid dehydration.
2. Know how you’re going to get home.
3. Don’t accept a drink from someone you don’t know.
3. Sip…don’t guzzle.
4. Don’t allow people to refill your glass = you won’t know how-much you’re consuming.
5. Avoid salty foods but, be sure to eat.
Only 5 rules when I know I have 6???  Was I drinkin’ while I was thinkin’?

Beat Energy-Sucking Stress with Beatle-Method-Mania

April 6, 2009

So good to know that Paul Mccartney and Ringo Starr, the Fab Two – with good humor, upstage each other today just as they did when they were two of the ‘Fab Four.”   The two remaining Beatles performed at a Radio City Music Hall concert to fund their Transcendental Meditation charity for teaching the TM relaxation techniques to school children and if their youthful, enthusiastic, abilities are enhanced by their thirty plus years of TM practice, I’m off to learn to relax stressful tensions at will, and buy a meditation rug.

Back in the 1960’s, only the wealthy or those who cared little for money went to India to study as did the Beatles.  In the 60’s and 70’s the enlightened were meditating four times a day for twenty-five minutes and positioned, following the rotation of the earth.  Since the Beatles embraced TM, their encouragement and the changing times have brought many forms of meditation into conventional use.

TM is one form of relaxation technique based in the joyful attitude of the Yogi founder of The International Meditation Society.  He found the Beatles or the Beatle found him…no matter.  The Beatles opened the door for Tai Chi learning and practice to ease Parkinson’s.  “Mommy Meditation” for stressful juggling as taught by Dr. Malika Marshall.  Learning and practicing all forms of relaxation techniques – meditation techniques that focus on beautiful, colorful Indian mandalas, intricate, all over beige, Native American sand paintings and Silva Mind Control’s mentally visualizing a peaceful place of relaxation and counting from ten to one backwards repeating Emile Coue’s, “Every day, in every way, feeling better and better.” to return to face activity without stress, in the hectic pace of the material world. 

Even Barack Obama visited Fairfield, Iowa when electioneering…a town that drew 30,000 TM followers years ago and made his speech facing the sun – to the chagrin of media photographers – in keeping with the TM practice of following the earth’s rotation.  Today, positive motivators abound.  Be it sitting still with TM or listening to Louise Hay’s ‘How to Heal Your Life” tapes or checking your alpha rhythms with biorhythm machines in doctor’s offices…there’s a method that can be comfortable for everyone.

In these times of dwindling savings, home foreclosures and job loss – worry can put the best of genes to the test –  you might want to investigate meditation as the tool that sends your emotionally-induced, energy-sucking stress away and increases your ability to sort priorities appropriately and as a result, make practical choices.