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May 26, 2009

A quick Numerology analysis of Judge Sonia Sotomayor: Not only a first Latino women to the Supreme Court, she is the first to bring a Destiny of “you learn as you live” – “off the beaten track”, spicy, dicey highs and lows and learning from life experience to this esteemed office.  She lives the #5 Destiny; intended to be a free spirit…a catalyst for change in the lives of others.  She has a lifetime that constantly offers adventures, new enthusiasms, unexpected opportunities, retains youthful enthusiasm, is a sensual woman and is offered lucky choices.  Although she may try to be traditional, she cannot be conventional.

Her destiny is not without #5 Destiny Challenge.  Her inner character and personality – the #8 efficient, power problem solver Motivation…the futuristic visionary, intent upon leaving a lasting image #11/2 Self Image and the #1, independent, self-starter, creative, progressive, pioneering Career Talents/Means of Self expression enable her to change problems into projects.  She’ll be startled into emotional reactions – appear irritated – and almost immediately regain composure. 

She has a love-hate relationship with the freedoms that come about with change that relate to her birth…#5 Destiny is always a surprise to the parents – an accident – an unplanned or unconventional event.   Sugar is her enemy and careful dieting is a must.  Her sense of responsibility may be obsessive and she can be smothering when feeling protective and parental. (a #6 Challenge)  She can be submissive – controlled by a lover if she fears losing love –  and prefers to control all other situations in order to avoid being controlled (a #1 Challenge).   

The name “Sonia” is fit for a judge who builds for future generations.  It is a #22/4 spiritually special, practical manager with subdivisions of #7 perfectionist-intellectual and #1, “I’m gonna’ do it my way” influences. A first name influences both personality and destiny. So, hard work, organization, systems structures are second nature and making rules and regulations to be implemented for growth come naturally in her personal and career lives.  Examples of the material power executed by the #22 as a birthday: Father of our Country, George Washington, Senator Ted Kennedy, Russia’s Nikolai Lenin, France’s Charles De Gaulle and mother to public servants, John, Robert and Ted Kennedy, Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy.

2009 is a #6 Personal Year for Sonia Sotomayor that leads her to increased responsibility, a focus on balancing relationships and offers protection from personal harm.  Her chart indicates that she will experience a notable power play in November and she will have a rebirth – a major change in direction – in 2015.  

If chosen, will Judge Sonia Sotomayor add spice and momentum to the high court?  That’s a high #5…She sure will!


May 12, 2009

There must be something to this transparency thing, ’cause I almost understand – I think I recognize fairer practices – The Credit Card Holders Bill of Rights – the credit card rules and regulations changes on the Senate floor as we speak.  These changes, if implemented and controlled, may help to balance the economic imbalances that exist now.  Gee, I am surprised = they are not  getting as much attention in the media as I would have imagined.

These changes are mighty and not happening soon enough.  With the changes comes regulations to be sure that Congress oversees CC companies and banks to be sure that they implement the changes.  Well, if they follow-through, that will be “a first!”

The House passed a bill in April and Republicans are finally realizing that it would be a refreshing change to bring good news home to constituents.  So, this week the Senate is expected to pass a bill that will take effect in nine months.  That brings us to February 2010  instead of the previous previously announced Credit Card Bill of Rights date, July 2010. 

A biggie change is that CC companies cannot increase rates on past buys unless payments are 60 days late and if after an unexpected increase of interest rates, a bill is paid on time for 6 months, the bank is required to review and the interest rate will go back to the older, lower rate.   Another goodie – Information must be given by lender to card holder as to how long it will take and how much interest will be paid to fulfill the credit card debt.  These are nifty improvements = and . if implemented, that will be another “first.”

The following few changes are offered because I think I understand them…there are more that didn’t come clear to me…

…Bill must be mailed to borrower 21 days before balance is due..
…No fees for phone or online payments…
…CC companies and banks will require that people requesting credit cards that are under 21 submit proof of how they will repay OR a parent or guardian assumes responsibility for the debt if it is not paid by the borrower…
…Lenders are required to give 45 days notice of rate increases..
…Card holder must be contacted and elect to go over the limit or an over limit fee cannot be changed…

…gonna’ buy some Windex and decipher the rest of the Senate discussion of the Credit Card  Holders Bill of Rights….if you’re not a pay-it-off-every-month CC user, I suggest you check it out too.


May 6, 2009

Now that the she’s “doing awesome” as a mother, and she made her “Tripp-Up” in the headlines, Bristol Palin is media-fodder again spouting a whale of abstinence nonsense… 

…she’s the sole showpiece for Candie’s Shoes Foundation – sponsoring National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, unwed, teenage mother, Bristol, isn’t the kid I want my kid to emulate.  I’m gonna’ find a different shoe manufacturer!

Bristol is one of three daughters of a self-promoting, overly committed to aspirations she cannot fulfill mother.  Her mother is often-confused by truth.  Her mother is a multi-task-er, beauty queen, challenged-for her-ethics-Alaskan Governor, mother of five and grandmother to the shining example of what not to do, Tripp.   Raised by  “shoot-from-the-hip-Sarah” Palin, her daughter Bristol  is “lookin’ for love in all the wrong places.”

Today, Bristol is saying she “was quoted out of context” when, shortly after she had her baby – and broke her engagement to teenager, Levi Johnson – she said that her mother’s belief and part of her political platform, that abstinence from sexual activity for teens was unrealistic.

Today, Bristol is the figure head for 80% of teen pregnancy mothers who do not marry the fathers.  She leads the school of minnows this second year that teen birth rate has increased while fishing around for money generated by media attention.  She joins her almost-husband, headline-hunting-aspiring male model, Levi Johnson, in taking the spotlight to further confuse the reality issue of abstinence for hormone-motivated teenagers, by saying “abstinence is the only way” and Levi is saying, “abstinence is a good idea – but it’s unrealistic.”

These two young people do not belong in the headlines to set an example for teens.  I believe that if Sarah Palin spent as much time listening to Bristol as she does talking in front of a microphone, Bristol might have developed her intellect and a stronger sense of security and self-worth while her hormones raged.   If Sarah was attentive to the extremely close relationship of Bristol and Levi, Levi would not have been a frequent stay-over-night-guest with the temptations of propinquity.

If Sarah set a more mature, unselfish and less personalized example of motherhood maybe her daughter would be home taking care of her baby, going to school, and becoming a good teen example of “what to do when, as a teen, you get into a bad situation.”


May 4, 2009

Translating my numerologist observation to number…Cannot remember seeing Eleanor and Franklin, Bess and Harry, Mamie and Dwight, Lyndon and Ladybird, Richard and Pat, Jimmy and Rosalyn, George and Laura – or even, Jack and Jackie, Nancy and Ronnie or Bill and Hillary share a sensual dating like…

…watching Michelle and Barach Obama have a date.   They made me think of the words “SEX and FUN.  The thought came to me as I observed them….There’s a sensual, lightheartedness…they make fun look sexy and make thoughts of sex seem like fun.

Every word has a number and every number has a meaning…and the word and the number meaning should be the same. 

It seems to me that SEX (S=1 + E=5 + X= 6), add 1+5+6=12, add the sum to reduce to a single number…1+2=#3.  Three is the number of FUN.    SEX should be FUN.

It seems to me that FUN (F=6 + U=3 + N=5), add 6+3+5=14, add the sum to reduce to a single number…1+4=#5.  Five is the number of SEX.  FUN should be SEX.

Thinking…Maybe my expectation of marriage — maybe my marriages would have turned out better if the previous White House residents had allowed me to observe Obama- type dates…So sensual…After dinner…meandering through the White House garden before “calling it a night.” – if Barack wasn’t looking forward to watching the game?  However…Michelle’s gonna’ speak up…I think the Obama’s are a delight!


May 3, 2009

Yesterday’s mental trip to the Kentucky Derby reinforced my  hunch-factor.  Logic told me that my #8 – power number – pick for Derby winner was a wild fantasy.  So, since yesterday was a #9 Universal Day, and #9 was the favorite…I coupled the fantasy #8 with the favorite to win, #9.  Add the numbers together and = 8 + 9 = 17 – and  #17 (1 + 7) is still a “winner” #8.  I decided to make a mental bet of $2.00 on both horses.

When I looked at the #8 horse odds…39-1- I knew I was on a different plane of existence – the plane of dreams come true so, I began to use intellect and logic…and, hedged my risk with the favorites break-even odds bet.  #8 power number went out of the gate at 50 to 1.  #9 logic favorite had even odds.  I felt very sane.

…big blunder.  Reality and logic don’t work as well as hunch and first thought when it come to gambles like horse racing and lottery.  So many factors to consider and too many are unknowns.

Lesson learned again…bet the first number that comes to mind.  Don’t hedge off – if you’re re gonna’ gamble = GAMBLE!  There’s no logic to risk-taking…it’s an adventure.


May 1, 2009

Why not use numerology’s color equivalents to numbers to solve today’s problems?   There’s a color for every type of person and every need and if money’s your objective…use the color of money, mauve to send out a vibration of success and power.

1.  Red indicates an independent, self-starter.  Basic talent: Creative leadership, progressive.
2.  Orange indicates a cooperative partner.  Basic talent: ‘Power behind the throne”, diplomacy.
3.  Yellow indicates sociability, optimism and communications talents. Basic talent: Skill with words. writing, entertaining.
4.  Green indicates management practicality and dependability.  Basic Talent:  Organizer,manager.
5.  Turquoise indicates a multi-task-er, risk-taker, promoter, politician, gambler.  Basic talent: All things to all people.”
6.  Blue indicates serenity, comfort, parental outlook and family focus.  Basic talent: teaching, relationships, musical/rhythmic.
7.  Purple indicates intellect, spirituality, ability to focus and perfect skills.  Basic talent: Questioning, looking beneath the surface.
8.  Mauve indicates physical and mental power, money, efficiency.  Basic talent: Problem-solving, stamina. 
9.  Saffron indicates philosophizing, discerns quality and culture and understand human nature.  Basic talent: Counseling, the arts.

In business, use mauve on cards, stationary, in logos and buy mauve bank checks.  Mauve color paper is more expensive then most.  When buying a car, the color mauve is special order and will cost considerable more.  When wrapped in a mauve sedan, driving up to a hotel or restaurant entrance, valets are gonna’ expect a big tip…you look like “money.”

However, when there’s a mauve accent color or the paper is mauve, your business sends out a power message vibration to onlookers.  Wearing a mauve blouse gives the impression of expensive women’s clothing.  A mauve tie does the same for a man.  When decorating a home, mauve in the entrance foyer sets the stage for power people living in a powerhouse.  Needless to say, an office needs to include mauve as an accent color to give potential clients or customers, the impression, “I don’t need your money…I am successful.”

To attract money and the ability to solve problems, the number 8 color coordinate, mauve, will help.  In Hong Kong, Chinese know the #8 is lucky and pay thousands to have #8 on the auto license plate.  Imagine…the height of a power vibration,,,a mauve car with a #8 license plate!   That’s my objective.