Translating my numerologist observation to number…Cannot remember seeing Eleanor and Franklin, Bess and Harry, Mamie and Dwight, Lyndon and Ladybird, Richard and Pat, Jimmy and Rosalyn, George and Laura – or even, Jack and Jackie, Nancy and Ronnie or Bill and Hillary share a sensual dating like…

…watching Michelle and Barach Obama have a date.   They made me think of the words “SEX and FUN.  The thought came to me as I observed them….There’s a sensual, lightheartedness…they make fun look sexy and make thoughts of sex seem like fun.

Every word has a number and every number has a meaning…and the word and the number meaning should be the same. 

It seems to me that SEX (S=1 + E=5 + X= 6), add 1+5+6=12, add the sum to reduce to a single number…1+2=#3.  Three is the number of FUN.    SEX should be FUN.

It seems to me that FUN (F=6 + U=3 + N=5), add 6+3+5=14, add the sum to reduce to a single number…1+4=#5.  Five is the number of SEX.  FUN should be SEX.

Thinking…Maybe my expectation of marriage — maybe my marriages would have turned out better if the previous White House residents had allowed me to observe Obama- type dates…So sensual…After dinner…meandering through the White House garden before “calling it a night.” – if Barack wasn’t looking forward to watching the game?  However…Michelle’s gonna’ speak up…I think the Obama’s are a delight!


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