Now that the she’s “doing awesome” as a mother, and she made her “Tripp-Up” in the headlines, Bristol Palin is media-fodder again spouting a whale of abstinence nonsense… 

…she’s the sole showpiece for Candie’s Shoes Foundation – sponsoring National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, unwed, teenage mother, Bristol, isn’t the kid I want my kid to emulate.  I’m gonna’ find a different shoe manufacturer!

Bristol is one of three daughters of a self-promoting, overly committed to aspirations she cannot fulfill mother.  Her mother is often-confused by truth.  Her mother is a multi-task-er, beauty queen, challenged-for her-ethics-Alaskan Governor, mother of five and grandmother to the shining example of what not to do, Tripp.   Raised by  “shoot-from-the-hip-Sarah” Palin, her daughter Bristol  is “lookin’ for love in all the wrong places.”

Today, Bristol is saying she “was quoted out of context” when, shortly after she had her baby – and broke her engagement to teenager, Levi Johnson – she said that her mother’s belief and part of her political platform, that abstinence from sexual activity for teens was unrealistic.

Today, Bristol is the figure head for 80% of teen pregnancy mothers who do not marry the fathers.  She leads the school of minnows this second year that teen birth rate has increased while fishing around for money generated by media attention.  She joins her almost-husband, headline-hunting-aspiring male model, Levi Johnson, in taking the spotlight to further confuse the reality issue of abstinence for hormone-motivated teenagers, by saying “abstinence is the only way” and Levi is saying, “abstinence is a good idea – but it’s unrealistic.”

These two young people do not belong in the headlines to set an example for teens.  I believe that if Sarah Palin spent as much time listening to Bristol as she does talking in front of a microphone, Bristol might have developed her intellect and a stronger sense of security and self-worth while her hormones raged.   If Sarah was attentive to the extremely close relationship of Bristol and Levi, Levi would not have been a frequent stay-over-night-guest with the temptations of propinquity.

If Sarah set a more mature, unselfish and less personalized example of motherhood maybe her daughter would be home taking care of her baby, going to school, and becoming a good teen example of “what to do when, as a teen, you get into a bad situation.”

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