After checking Fiat and Chrysler’s meeting of the minds as #9 numerology name analysis classic-builder-kindred-spirits, I wandered to the site thinking I’d find current news and discovered to my delight a great tribute to Susan.  The site is perfect as it is and will be more perfect tomorrow as it seems to be growing fast.  Susan must be proud and happy to know that her followers accommodate her name-number 7 desire for perfection.

Now I can own an “I Dreamed a Dream – I love Susan” tee shirt in a variety of colors from the UK for $15.99.  If I slip to Yahoo, I can own Pebbles, the cat, items too.  On Susan’s site, there are videos galore – 328 at last count and growing.  Susan’s rendition of “Cry Me a River” and her Dutch TV interview mixed with fashion shots, pictures of Pebbles and pictures galore of the original and the crispy Susan.

At last count there are 22,551 members signed in.  Contributors of blogs and “Playlists” – organized video clips – have five star quality.  This is a must-see site for Susan fans.

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