Letterman lives up to his name.  He has met a specific level of participation in his performance and is elite in his craft….he earned his jacket.  In the other corner, Palin took her jackets without paying her dues or apologizing for her inappropriate behavior.

David Letterman’s public apology to Sarah Palin and her daughters is an explanation – a defense of his inappropriate words and is an act of remorse for something judged by others to be wrong.   Honest realists judge taking expensive clothes paid for with public donations without paying for them or returning them as “wrong.”   Representing yourself as a foreign affairs expert because you can see Russia from your front yard is an insult to the intelligence of the public.   You’ve made more public blunders in occasional public appearances and a short [period of time than Letterman has night after night for many years.  You’ve embarrassed yourself more times than space allows.  So, Sarah shouldn’t you step down?  Where is your remorse?  Where’s the public apology?

Enough Sarah!  Your ongoing accusations, refusal to accept Letterman’s apology and organizing GOP supporters to get Letterman fired is a boomerang that reminds the public of your often inept behavior, asinine words and dishonest deeds.  It’s time to remember, Letterman earned his jacket.   Your symbols of achievement pale-in comparison.

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