So you want to be a star but can you handle the business that shows everything?  Susan Boyle’s mother encouraged her to “go for the gold.” although she knew her daughter was delicate, sensitive and spent her childhood through mid-life shielded from public close scrutiny.  Boyle cancelled four performances on her “Britain Has Talent Tour.”   She needs rest.  Her Mom’s passed on but her managers should know that her capacities to perform in public consistently are limited by her emotions that deplete her physical energy.  Susan just cannot handle “the business” and it shows.

Cher wears anything to attract attention,  Does she really want to make an adjustment to her daughter’s sex change in public?  Sarah Jessica Parker and husband, Matthew Broderick have grown up in the limelight.  Do they want their inability to conceive children to be kitchen table conversation?  It requires a lot to make it big and staying there demands even more.

Hollywood/s latest “handsomest man in the world”, Robert Pattison, got hit by a taxi in NYC while surrounded by five security guards, when chased by screaming teenagers during a film shoot on city streets.   He’s twenty-young, and brushed off his hip injury as his security people yelled, ‘see what you did!” at the uncaring fans.  Ya’ gotta be young, agile and determined to come away unscathed.

Consider the Princess Diana paparazzi chase that cost her life and revealed too much about her private life…too much information about a beloved icon.  The reports of her uncomfortable adjustments, emotional and physical problems – having her private life public property – wasn’t handled very well by the empathetic teen who married a spoiled prince.

From Obama’s duffer golf scores and attempts to keep a dating relationship with his wife to Liz Taylor’s seven marriages and obsession with diamonds – media earns their bread in the business of showing the warts and the beauty marks on the backs of “wannabees.”.  So, if ya’ wanna’ be a star Susan, you’ll need to make management adjustments – find an agent that cares – before you begin belting-out, “There’s No Business Like Show Business”  night after night.

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