Super Manager to the stars like U2, Ossie Kilkerry has been hired to manage Susan Boyle and fans can only hope that he takes her Mother-induced dreams of success and personality limitations into consideration.  In previous blogs, this numerologist explained that Susan Boyle needed unconditional love.  Her numerology chart Challenges indicate extreme self-absorption and super sensitivity that results in emotional excesses and chronic physical slowdowns.  To keep her feeling loved…Ossie you’re in charge

Susan’s a #7 overall, an intelligent perfectionist who wants a perfect world.  However, her Destiny #2 and her three Challenges to fulfilling her Destiny are the same #2.  When Challenge numbers are the same as any major numbers in a numerology chart, problems in specific areas are predictable.  It is clear that Susan meets people and experiences in her Destiny that trigger extreme emotional reactions and…

…Susan’s Destiny opportunities are all too often mishandled.  Due to choosing the wrong options or the inability to do anything at all life takes difficult turns.  With #2 Challenges, personal slights are exaggerated.  Self-pity reigns…Susan’s emotions run-amok.  She took public adoration and media criticism to heart.  Losing wasn’t an option for her.

It is a pity that judge and recording mogul, Simon Cowell had a delayed flash of comprehension when he saw Susan’s face when she learned she did not have the first place win during the  “:Britain’s Got Talent finals.   He now says he realized she did not conceive of losing.  To Cowell’s credit, he immediately reminded her that his recording contract for late Fall album release was still on.  Apparently, that good news did not stop Susan from physically exhausting emotional suffering that put her in a publicly embarrassing “blue funk” and curtails her public appearances.

Although, talent judge, Piers Morgan, says she’s fine, Susan has missed four performances out of nine of the twenty-five planned  “Britain’s Got Talent” finalists tour.  She’ll disappoint fans again and again until her handlers get it right.

Simon Cowell’s plan to make Susan a recording star is very do-able.  There’s no public pressure until it’s time for promotions, media can be screened and appearances can be planned for “time-outs” for Susan.  If new Boyle manager, Ossie Kilkenny, charges-in to save the day there’s little chance of a Boyle career massacre.  As a devoted fan, I hope recording sales in millions give Susan the unconditional love her sensitive emotions demand.   As a numerologist, I know she’s gonna’ get hit by a few arrows, be saved by the Cavalry, lead a long, charmed life after 2015 and die a very rich “Mommy’s Girl.”

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