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June 12, 2009

Dancing as fast as I can…running away – while acknowledging increased anti-semitism and becoming more and more anti-Palin and wishing I was Auntie Mame.  There’s too much going on in the economy to cope with…who needs more?  There are enough vipers slithering around banks and in the stock market.  This week, rattling my concerns… 

…the bad-mouth old preacher from Chicago and the old gun-totin’ Nazi committing murder in DC and old-news Sarah Palin’s latest bid for media attention with outrage at Dave Letterman’s bad judgment joke about her bad judgment daughter – she loved the SNL bad taste jokes when she could orchestrate and use the publicity…there are little day-to-day problems and now there are larger broad-scoped issues…I wanna’ be Auntie Mame ’cause she would keep her classy, cool and take off for Pago-Pago or the South of France to uncoil and meet the snakes head-on, on her turf…I’m…

…too angry – I’d hiss and miss – so, goin’ finshin’ to coil-up, release my venom and dance back tomorrow.


June 11, 2009

Although he’s got the lifetime numbers to be a lucky public servant, 2009 is not the best numerology Personal Year for Senate Banking Committee Chair, Democrat, Christopher John Dodd (name numbers, 5, 1 and 6) –  (born: May 27, 1944, a #5 Destiny).  He’s a stickler for planning structures who, like VP Joe Biden often bends the rules and will be battling a karmic testing #16/7 Personal Year when too may things and most people are not what they appear to be.  He’ll stumble …he will not fall.

Dodd’s Destiny and natural instincts number – the unconventional #5 – has a lifetime of #4 rule-bound Challenges. It’s interesting that #4 is the Challenge number of most politicians.  Challenges are personality inconsistencies; extremes that people go to when on overload and become stressed: The reasons why we make impractical choices and wonder if “the Devil made me do it.”  #4 Challenges incline one to put a rule-bound, conventional face to the world and cover-up a kinky private life.  Top Gun #4 Challenge holder is Richard Nixon…Did the Devil make him polite in public and rude privately and detail his off-limits actions on tape?

Challenges swing in extreme arcs…the way a pendulum swings and it is difficult for the Challenge holder to balance the pendulum – center his or her actions and reactions.  The #4 Challenge is a caution to pay attention to details and maintenance and its other extreme, not to be caught in a maize of details and lose sight of the overall picture.   A #4 Challenge holder may be a rigid, set and stubborn workaholic or a lazy, careless and impractical plodder at different times in life.  In this # 16/7 Personal Year Chris Dodd’s #4 Challenge is heightened by the #16/7, 2009, secret conditions he will have to overcome.

There’s a rush on producing Health Care reforms…It’s President Obama’s pet priority.  With ailing Ted Kennedy unable to sustain attendance at Health care Planning meetings, Dodd, his close friend, will take over and work with Finance Committee’s Senator Baccus to find a way to finance it.
So, Dodd has a daunting full plate in a problematic, goal-delaying numerology Personal Year.  With Republicans screaming that Kennedy would do things differently and put them in play on Health Care plans and a complex economy where his Finance Committee is multi-tasking and dancing as fast as it can, he will have disillusionment and a few Karmic Testing disappointments till February 2010. 

Lifetime analysis: Chris Dodd is a lucky, clever, home-loving, independent, humanitarian going through a bad year.


June 10, 2009

After checking Fiat and Chrysler’s meeting of the minds as #9 numerology name analysis classic-builder-kindred-spirits, I wandered to the site thinking I’d find current news and discovered to my delight a great tribute to Susan.  The site is perfect as it is and will be more perfect tomorrow as it seems to be growing fast.  Susan must be proud and happy to know that her followers accommodate her name-number 7 desire for perfection.

Now I can own an “I Dreamed a Dream – I love Susan” tee shirt in a variety of colors from the UK for $15.99.  If I slip to Yahoo, I can own Pebbles, the cat, items too.  On Susan’s site, there are videos galore – 328 at last count and growing.  Susan’s rendition of “Cry Me a River” and her Dutch TV interview mixed with fashion shots, pictures of Pebbles and pictures galore of the original and the crispy Susan.

At last count there are 22,551 members signed in.  Contributors of blogs and “Playlists” – organized video clips – have five star quality.  This is a must-see site for Susan fans.


June 9, 2009

The number wisdom for today and for the month of June 2009:  Seize the  power.  A #8 Universal vibration directs nations and people to solve problems.  So? – you may ask…what does that mean to me?

Investments mean a lot.  It’s timely to think about getting back into the market or adding to your 401K or making any major purchases…there are bargains to be found.  There are risks.  However, in a #8 influence, there are less risky risks.

Exercise means a lot.  It’s timely to begin a fitness regimen…particularly between 6 AM and Noon.  The #8 in the air adds stamina and ambition to the day’s goals.

Practical problem-solving means a lot.  You can handle bigger jobs, organize and improve finances with a willingness to work at it .  Today you “reap what you sow.”

Leadership means a lot.  Today, if you want to take a challenge, you’re more likely to handle leadership with vision, courage and strength.

Engineering projects speed up and expand.

World leaders are able to put big deals through – director’s meetings are progressive and problems surface to be solved.  International business activity is heightened.  There are expansions and increases.  Large scale plans are put into motion.

So…a numerology #8 Universal influence may mean a lot to you.


June 8, 2009

Sarah Palin wants power in the inner political world and David Carradine sought power in the inner spiritual circles…in number wisdom, numerology, their shared self-expression number, the often lucky 8, a powerful drive #8, leads Sarah and led David to imagine they can handle anything, feel physically strong and assume the ambitious challenges.

This numerologist believes, Palin exaggerating personal intelligence and underestimating the public intelligence, lacking experience and flirting with plagiarism to gain political power and Carradine teasing fate to go to the sexual heights are just part of their name number analysis…birth certificate names, Sarah Louise Heath = #4. #4. #8 (practical,  material manager boss-type) and John Arthur Carradine, #8, #9, #8 (philosopher, counselor, culturally expansive boss-type) are born to ‘break the tape”, “beat last year’s sales figures”, own to show a library of unread leather bound books = achieve material goals and in general, anyone born on the lucky 8, 17, 26 of any month has this trait and they may not be “Sinshine Seekers” – however, they will “go for the gold.”

“Sinshine Seekers” will vie for supremacy believing that they can solve all problems.  They want the joy of climax when a challenge is successful and the powerful feeling of owning the rewards.  A leader, stealing words and thoughts to achieve gain or an athlete’s confidence  to push the sensual body as far as it can go to climax…To sin to win: That’s Sinshine.


June 7, 2009

Accident or suicide?  It’s unlikely that David Carradine – birth name, John Arthur Carradine (a powerhouse #8.#9,8) – born on 12/8/1936 (#3 Destiny – destined to encounter the “beautiful people” and make a game out of life) would or could have been alone or depressed while letting the “sinshine” in on a play-date in a luxurious Bangkok hotel.

Carradine enjoyed the freedoms that money can buy, liked working and had physical balance and dexterity – as a #3 destiny, he appeared to be and was much younger than his years – he took pride in his athleticism and would easily combine gaming with sensual pleasures and physical challenge.

Numerology charting shows probability of a plan run amok.  Common sense dictates the improbability of tying one’s own hands behind one’s back no matter how gifted an athlete and problem-solver.  Carradine’s death scene, in the #1 month of a #4 (stabilize, work to maintain possessions and position and build for the future Personal Year) is unlikely to have been the result of spontaneous game play.

Planned, in anticipation of a “sinshine” evening with volcanic pleasures in mind, a too tight shoelace around his neck – another around his genitals – and, it is unlikely that his playmate was a ‘pro.”  Carradine, In a #1 month would meet “first timers” – so, it is possible that a playmate was new at the “sinshine” game.  It is also possible that Carradine was on this “sinshine” quest for the first time.  

David Carradine was destined to take center stage and be a powerful game player…there are always new games to learn when on a #3 life path.  I am sorry for the Carradine Family loss and I hope this numerologists analysis will clarify that suicide is an unlikely cause of death.

For me…many memories of family TV evenings with David Carradine’ s sober, serene “Kung Fu” adventures as times he let the sunshine in.  At his accidental end, – although I believe Kung Fu would have said, “there are no accidents” – and I do believe he found some #3 Destiny pleasure in the “sinshine ” game.


June 5, 2009

Susan’s out of the hospital, in a flat in London singing “LET THE SUNSHINE IN.”  Susan Boyle moves on – energized for now – to meet her welcoming USA public – and to sing for the Obamas at the White House.

In my analysis of her name, Susan showed sensitivity to criticism and extreme self absorption…a strong numerology charted #2 Challenge that causes anxiety and depression.  It’s not her lack of oxygen as an infant that makes her lose positive energy.  It’s her obsessive need for unconditional love – on all planes – that causes her depression.  Media will inevitably give her emotional ups and downs throughout  incoming career opportunities if her placement before the public is not carefully planned and she does not have a closely knit support group.

To remain stable. Susan should focus on a recording career where emotional and practical detail preparation is assured.  So, “Let the Sunshine In” to the recording studios and we’ll be hearing her sing “God Bless America” as she makes her fortune here.


June 4, 2009

Numerology’s #3 Universal Day inspires accepting the inevitable and verify the words, “talk is cheap”  — and reminds me that at 76, I’ve seen optimism shredded when bare truths are spoken.  So, seeing naturally beautiful (opposite thinking – untouched supposedly by Joan Rivers surgeon’s knife) older ladies applauded in the news – Helen Mirren sexy at 64, Iman softer at 54, white haired, 1950’s top model, Miami’s Carmen Dell’Orefice still glamour in spike heels at 78, Angelica Huston regal, smart and “for real” at 58, round and sensual, Sofia Loren at 75 still an advertisement for pasta and intellectual, mental-multi-task-er politico, Gloria Steinem make me optimistic.  In their honest approach to aging, there’s cause for me to remember that “cheap-talk”  is often comprised of little white lies that may be inspirational and show a face to the world of mature compromise.  

And there are words of promise – It seems that dementia and Alzheimer’s is less likely to befall Indians (from India) —  they eat curry.  Lotsa’ curry.  Ti’s said by a US researcher that if we add turmeric containing cur-cumin found in curry powder  – to our menu twice a week, we’ll be less likely to lose it mentally as we age.  However, in my experience with numerology Indian clients, they ask a question and I answer it.  The question is then rephrased and asked again…again I answer it.  You got it!  Young or senior…the question is again asked and is answered and there’s rarely a look of comprehension or an agreement.  There will be phone calls and revisits regarding the same issue.  Could the penchant for checking, checking and rechecking and dilly-dallying and not finding a solution or a rule-for-living -the verification of comprehension – can this Indian personalty trait be a result of eating curry too? 

In the headlines…”jobless claims fall”, Wal-Mart adding 22,000 new jobs and “eating curry may ward off Alzheimer’s.”  The cheap talk comes from Obama-Bashers, pudgy, Russ Limbaugh and a few GOP slim-chance-for-re-election senators whose little wigglers have stopped swimming upstream.  Is Obama on a Muslim “Trip?”

Words flow from Palestine and Israel, Muslim Pundits and Saudi Princes and our diplomacy-practicing Pres…and they are many and closely strung.  Today’s #3 vibes bode that we’ll  “buy” more expensively, warmed with optimism, and may be snowed,  cause “Talk is cheap.”