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2009 Prediction 2011 Happening

January 31, 2011

Predicted in March 2009 Blog: “The Vibes of March, 2009 and 2011”

The vibes of March 2009 do not bode stability.  It’s a Numerology #5, “anything can happen, plans change, unconventional diversions” Universal Month.  Worldwide plans will change and quick fixes will not bring long term budgeting solutions.  The good thing is we’ll know about everything.  Those involved talk too much: Publicity is king.  Universally, the bad thing is, we won’t want to know it.  Personally, we can’t balance our budgets.

My Personal #4, “reality check, budget conscious, work” Month began with mental case, Rush Hudson Limbaugh (1/12/1951) mouthing his warped view of the USA on TV.  So, I took another look at his charts and once again was relieved to learn that he has a #16/7 Karmic Testing Wisdom Cycle…He’ll be disgraced, “fall from grace”, after his sixty-first birthday and be gone from my TV after 2013.  Not soon enough for me!

As we begin the last month of the first quarter of 2009, the #2 “detail’s revealed, nothing new begins, it’s a learning curve”  Universal Year shows itself in the delays and complications that have arisen for “the new kid on the block”, Barack Obama.  He’s in a #5 “expect the unexpected, learn as you go”, Personal Year and is discovering that around every corner waits a surprise…the plans he made in 2008 just won’t compute in the slowly revealed details of 2009.  He’s winging it and making changes.  Too bad the Universal #2 Year will not help him solve problems until after October – more details are revealed at every attempt at solving the preceding revelations.

Of course, we each have Personal Year directions that may not be on a Universal theme.  Mine is a #1, that puts opportunities in front of me and encourages new goals.  So, although Obama’s universal and personal problems are my overview problems, day-by-day my #1 Personal year brings in challenging new activities and no time for details if I want to make the most of my #1 Personal Year opportunities.  It’s helpful to know Personal Year directions and not be side-tracked by the Universal Year influences.

Our #2, 2009 Universal Year overview is receptive.  My Personal Year 2009, #1, is aggressive.  I’m making changes.  However, my life is influenced in part by the #2 Universal Year.  So, just like you – I’ll not see optimistic possibilities for my investments until after the #2 Universal Year intensifies in September…yes, money loses, mortgage foreclosures, deceptions in stock market and banking practices all come up to be seen in September.  October brings more talk: However, it’s optimistic.  Possibilities for a happier picture show themselves in the Fall and Winter. 

The March 2009 upsets are temporary and only open doors to pivotal revelations and opportunities to make unconventional changes.  To gain a long-term personal perspective…look to the Fall of 2011 for reality corrections to effect you and your pocketbook.  That’s a #4 “reality reins, corrections and practical foundations can be built” Universal Year and no matter what your Personal Year dictates, in the Fall of 2011, you’ll finally be able to balance your budget.