If February 20 is Your Birthday = 2011 Numeology Forecast

If February 20 is your birthday you’re a ‘sensitive’ who wants and needs an intimate partnership.  You are an  “old soul” with a need to “do-the-right-thing” and to work to see tangible result for your efforts everyday.   You are able to understand human nature, are unselfish and empathetic when in love and often give much more than you get.

2011 is your ‘power year.’  Beginning in February you start to solve 2010’s problems and create new important contacts that start you on a successful money, health and emotional balance course that culminates successfully in September.  In 2010, you may have worked diligently and wondered why you had little or no success – and, there were disappointments and/or problems from last June throughout September.  The people and experiences you needed were not in your aura in 2010.  However, in 2011, you are surrounded with ‘movers and shakers’ that will be helpful if you aim high and strive for your ultimate goals.

You will gain in proportion to your efforts.  When you shop, you will find bargains.  The only month that should not have a focus on material ambitions is July.  July has a focus on family and emotional relationships.  Throughout 2011, if you keep your material goals in mind, keep active and put in a strong work effort, you will do bigger  things than you have ever done before and be compensated for them.

Expect November to offer an opportunity for expansion and/or change.  Go for it and expect even more broad scoped recognition and travel in 2012.

You lottery numbers for 2011 are: 4, 8, 11, 26, 29, 31.

Wear the color mauve to attract powerful friends and golden opportunities
Pink diamond is your gem and Rose Quartz is your semi-precious stone.
Names that begin with or include the letters H, Q and Z will be helpful this year.

Notables born on February 20: Charles Barkley (Sports), Roy Cohn (Notable Lawyer), Russel M. Crouse (Author, “Life With Father”), John Daly TV Reporter),  Sandy Duncan (Actor), Willie Garson (Actor), Patty Hearst (Heiress), Jennier O’Neill (Actor), Sidney Poitier (Actor), Rihana, (Entertainer), Buffy St. Marie (Actor), Ivana Trump (Notable), Gloria Vanderbilt (Heiress, Designer) Nancy Wilson (Musician, Singer, Entertainer),

Find a lifetime forecast of your February 20 birthday in YOU ARE YOUR BIRTHDAYwww.iUniverse.com or any major bookseller

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