February 26 Birthday Forecast for 2011

If February 26 is your birthday, you are an independent,  problem-solver with a talent for making yourself invaluable to people who have money and power.  You may be impulsive when you think you’re in love and balanced in many practical applications.  You excel in sports and/or business.  You develop self-confidence through stressful situations.  After disciplining for self-control, learning patience and endurance,  you become wise, prosperous and fulfilled.  However, 2011 is competitive and you have family and social obligations to satisfy as you learn about life through  variety of unconventional (for you) people and exposures.

You are restless and want to travel and/or get in touch with your sensual self.  Both March and December are focused on material accomplishment, money, problem-solving and when shopping, you get bargains.  May begins the new, hectic directions that will take you through September…you won’t slow down until October begins.

So, expect surprises, plans to change and the unexpected…take a chance on love and the lottery after you assess situations and modify anything that’s unacceptable.  Be aware of all the alternatives before you get too enthusiastic about anything.  In a year like this there are lucky risks and risks involving the loss of property or business failure.  By April of 2012,  you put a broader focus to your future planning.  You take on additional responsibilities after you put new the experiences and add the different types of people you meet in 2011, to your mental and emotional libraries of experiences.

Wear the color turquoise to attract adventurous, energetic, sensual people in 2011.
Turquoise is your gem in 2011.
People whose names begin with the letters E, N and W encourage you to try new things in  2011.

Your lottery numbers for 2011 are:  5, 8, 14, 17, 24, 28.

Notables born on February 26 are: Robert Alt (Actor/Singer), Michael Bolton (Singer/Composer), Godfrey Cambridge (Entertainer), Johnny Cash (Musician/Singer), William “Buffalo Bill” Cody (Trader/Hunter/Entertainer), Mark Dacascas (Actor/Martial Arts Expert), Fats Domino (Musician), William Frawley (Actor), Jackie Gleason (Entertainer/Actor/Comic), Victor Hugo (Writer), Betty Hutton (Actor/Singer), Margaret Leighton (Actor), Christopher Marlowe (Writer), PEPE (Sports/Brazialian born Football player), Tony Randall (Actor), Levi Strauss (Founder Levi Strauss Company), Robert Taft, Jr. (Politician).
For your Life forecast see YOU ARE YOUR BIRTHDAY available at www.iUniverse.com and all major booksellers.

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