Birthday 2011 Forecast for March 3 Birthday

If March 3 is your birthday, you have beautiful eyes and a memorable voice and you are a talented communicator.  Words are your lifetime tool.  The telephone is attached to your wrist at birth.  Whether you write, speak or entertain, you have a youthful style and effective, imaginative methods of presentation.  In September 2011, you begin a new nine year cycle.  Whatever you begin now will bring in benefits later.

2011 progresses best when you hold fast to your ideals and purposes.  Make independent decisions.  Stay active – make new contacts – make the changes you’ve been contemplating.  Do not vacillate in your decisions trying to accommodate or please another.  The people who are intended to remain in your life – after you’ve changed direction – will roll right along with the changes you make.

May brings in surprises and pivotal changes.  July brings in money and/or a successful power play.   August lets-go of unnecessary relationships and ‘baggage.’  In September, visualize your goals and go for them!   You’ll be working in your new direction in December so, don’t plan a vacation around the holidays.  in 2011, individualize yourself in every way.

Wear the color red to attract creative leaders that spur you on in 2011.
Ruby is your gem in 2011.
People whose names begin with the letters A, J and S have your instigative energy in 2011.

Your lottery numbers for 2011 are:  1, 10. 12, 14, 22, 25.

Notables born on March 3 are:  Diana Barrymore (Actor), Alexander Graham Bell (Inventor, telephone), Jessica Biel (Actor), Ruby Dandridge (Actor), Canada Lee (Actor), Allen Ginsberg (Beat Generation Poet), Jean Harlow (Actor/Sex Goddess),  Jackie Joyner Kersel (Olympic Gold ’88, ’92), George M. Pullman  (Inventor/Railway Sleeping Car), Matthew Ridgway (US General), Lee Radziwell Ross (Sister Of Jackie O)  Gia Scala (Actor). 

For your March 3 Life forecast see YOU ARE YOUR BIRTHDAY available at and all major booksellers.


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