Birthday Forecast for March 12 Birthday

If March 12 is your birthday, in many ways, intimately, in business and with family…you give more than you get. You are a multi-talented communicator…very convincing in an argument and have high ideals. Family and neighborhood ties are a constant awareness that subject you to emotional “ups and downs.” You love life and are tempted to spread your talents thin = you need to discipline to finish what you begin to avoid a tendency to scatter. In the fall of 2011, a new nine year cycle begins…new concepts, new contacts, new horizons becon you.

July is your ‘power-play’ month and if you make independent, well investigated decisions in June, take no action until the first week of July, between the 14 and 21 of July you’ll win money and/or important materiual objectives. Doors close in August – there’s a final material payment the last week – and you are prepared to begin fresh, creative goals in September. November brings in a job that keeps you working through December…so, don’t put a deposit on a Christmas holiday cruise: You’ll lose it. The objectives, ambitions and goals you visualize and begin in 2011, continue and grow for the incoming eight years.

Wear the color red to attract active, courageous, progressive kindred spirits in 2011.
Ruby is your gem in 2011.
People whose names begin with the letters A, J, and S put you in positions of leadership in 2011.

Your lottery numbers for 2011 are: 3. 6, 19, 21, 24, 30

Notables born on March 12 are: Edward Albee (Playwright), Charles Boycott (UK Originator of the term to boycott), Barbara Feldon (Actor), Jack Kerouac (Author/Poet/Painter), Gordon MacRae (Singer), Liza Minelli (Actor/Singer), Vaslav Nijinsky (Ballet Dancer), Jane Pierce (1st Lady of US), Ray Prewitt (Actor/Producer/Aircrafy Broker), Mitt Romney (Businessman/Governor MA), Walter “Wally” Schirra (Astronaut/Explorer), Daryl Strawberry (Baseball/Outfielder), Clement Studebaker (Automobile Pioneer), Evert Taube (Swedish Author/Artist/Composer/Singer), James Taylor (Musician/Composer/Singer), Paul Weston (Pianist/Arranger/Composer/Conductor), Courtney B. Vance (Actor), Andrew Young (Politician, Diplomat, Pastor).

For your March 12 Life forecast see YOU ARE YOUR BIRTHDAY available at and all major booksellers.


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