Birthday Forecast and Analysis for March 16 Birthday

If March 16 is your birthday, you are in a #5 Personal Year when surprises and changes keep you busy and “on your toes.” One intention of a #5 Personal year is sensual = a time to travel, smell new smells, eat new foods, listen to new music – and discover unknown pleasures. 2011 opens doors to meeting new people and experiences. The result of a #5 Personal year is to pivot your thinking and to broaden your ambitions and goals. Many happenings are spontaneous = #5 is ‘the gambler and risk-taker” number…you may expect the unexpected = you’ll have good luck and what appears to be bad luck. However, the ‘bad luck’ usually turns to ‘good luck’ in the future.

Born on the 16th, you are a questioner and unlikely to get involved with new people and experiences without checking and researching. This isn’t the year to make complications for yourself…luck is just luck and has no logic to it. March and December are your ‘power’ months when money and material objectives are the focus…try to enjoy the good luck without wondering “why.” 2011 is your time to travel mentally, physically and spiritually = to feel free, curious and to get enthusiastic about things found outside of your ordinary routine. It is a year of progress. Your time to promote your business and interests. Your time to do a variety of things and to learn something new. 2011 is the year to satisfy your restlessness and experience more of your Destiny and life.

Wear the color turquoise to attract amusing, diverting, unconventional people in 2011
Turquoise is your gem in 2011.
People whose names begin with the letters E, N and W open your door to adventure in 2011.

Your lottery numbers for 2011 are: 5, 7, 9, 14, 25, 30.

Notables born on March 16 are: Bernardo Bertolucci (Director/”Last Tango in Paris”), Walter Cunningham (Astronaut), Erik Estrada (Actor), Victor Garber (Actor), Maxim Gorky (Novelist), Vernon Howard (Spiritual Teacher), Elsie Janis (Musician), Jerry Lewis (Comedian/Actor), James Madison (4th US President), Mike Mansfield (Politician), Daniel Patrick Moynihan (Politician/Ambassador to United Nations), Kate Nelligan (Actor), Patricia Nixon (US First Lady), James E. Smith (Became father at 100 with a woman 64 years younger), Richard Stallman (Computer Programmer/ Software Freedom Activist/ Founded ‘Free Software Foundation”/, Henny Youngman (Comedian).

For your March 16 Life forecast see YOU ARE YOUR BIRTHDAY available at and all major booksellers.


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