If March 20 is Your Birthday…Forecast and Analysis

If March 20 is your birthday, a loving partnership and cooperative relationships are keys to your happiness and success.  Be patient , diplomatic and calculate the details carefully although you may want everything NOW.  Maintain a positive attitude and others will help you.  However, you are determined to make your own decisions.  And, in 2011, there are many final decisions to make.

Before you can get started on a business partnership, a new location or marriage – any new direction – , there are people, ambitions and personal ideals that must be revisited and re-evaluated.  August is a power packed month.  2011 bears fruit to your planning, inspiration and creation in the Fall after you let-go, finished-up and freed yourself to go forward unhampered.   The changes you have been contemplating could well bring the beginning of your fortune and the events that occur in 2011, bring a happy adventure in many respects.  If you don’t travel physically, you will begin a 10 year journey toward your innermost dreams. 

Wear the color saffron to attract people who will bring you deeper understanding in 2011.
Opal is your gem in 2011.
People whose names begin with the letters I and R aid your self-realization in 2011. 

Your lottery numbers for 2011 are:  5, 6, 9, 11, 27, 29 

Notables born on March 20 are:  Jack Barry (TV Host), Abraham Beame (1st Jewish Mayor of NYC), Ned Buntline (Writer), Wendell Corey (Actor), Larry Elgart (Bandleder), John D. Erlichman (Politician/Nixon Aide), Ray Goulding (Comedian/”Bob & Ray”), Holly Hunter (Actor), William Hurt (Actor), Henrik Ibsen (Writer), Werner Klemperer (Actor/Colonel Klink, “Hogan’s Heroes”), Spike Lee (Director), Hal Linden (Actor), Marian McParland (Jazzz Pianist), Lauritz Melchior (Singer/Baratone-Tenor)), Ozzie Nelson (Actor/ Writer/Producer), Sergei Rachmaninov (Pianist/Composer), Sir Michael Redgrave (Actor), Carl Reiner (Comedian/Actor/Writer), Fred Rogers (Children’s TV Notable), B. F. Skinner (Writer), Frank Stanton (Business Executive).

For your March 20 Life forecast see YOU ARE YOUR BIRTHDAY available at www.iUniverse.com and all major booksellers.


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