If April 13 is Your Birthday Numerology Forecast & Analysis for 2011

If April 13 is your birthday, you know how to organize, manage  and work and expect to get tangible results every day.  In youth, you see the power and freedom that ambition and money can buy and may take your advantages for granted.   However, mid-life you experience change, reconstruct and find continuous opportunities to work to slowly and surely rebuild a secure lifestyle.   You were a precocious, philosophical child because you are an ‘old soul’ and as a child understand the needs, feelings and emotions of the grownups.  Amazed observers wonder where your depth of understanding and adult comments come from.   As an ‘old soul’, you are born with’ knowledge’ – were never really childish – and as an adult, you are empathetic, compassionate and continue the habit of sacrificing for loved ones.  You do well in real estate and working with products of the earth…home is vital to your happiness.

2011 gives you opportunities to combine business and maintaining your possessions with pleasure.  Friends are the key to your growth and open doors this year to advance your ambitions.  Make new friends and contact old ones.  Entertain and be a cheerful, optimistic host and guest.  Talk about your projects and interests…spread the word and others will do your advertising for you.  Communications – talk not work – governs the vibrations of 2011 and it’s up to you to ease up on responsibilities, enjoy seeing the goals you began in 2009 begin to blossom and do a variety of things that show you love life, social contacts, entertainment and new experiences.  Use your talents and all means of self-expression to make this a happy time.  In 2011, your dreams can become reality: You’re setting up future opportunities for the practical, enduring, financially rewarding work that will begin in October and continue through 2012.   

Wear the color yellow to attract  amusing, generous, talented associates in 2011.               
Topaz is your gem in 2011.
People whose names begin with the letters C, L and U add youthful enthusiasm to your projects in 2011. 

Your lottery numbers for 2011 are: 3, 4, 8, 12, 17, 26. 

Celebrities born on April 13 are:  Don Adams (Actor/Comedian/”Maxwell Smart-Get Smart”), Erick Avari (Actor/”Heroes”, “Days of Our Lives”, Samuel Beckett (Playwright/Waiting for Godot”/Nobel Prize 1969), Lou Bega (Singer), Alfred Maser Butts (Inventor/”Scrabble”), Jack Casady (Musician/Jefferson Airplane), Bill Conti (Composer/”For Your Eyes Only”, Rocky 4″), Erich von Daniken (Author/”Chariots of the Gods”), Stanley Donen (Film Director/Producer/”Singin in the Rain“, Damm Yankees”), Tony Dow (Actor/”Leave it to Beaver”), Edward Fox (Actor/”Never Say Never Again”), Amy Goodman (Journalist/Author/Host “Democracy Now” – Public Radio), Al Green (R & B Icon), Page Hannah (Actor/”Fame”), Seamus Heaney (Irish Poet/Writer/Oxford University Professor), Christopher Hichens (Author), Kyle Howard (Actor/”My Boys”, “House Arrest”), Thomas Jefferson (Third US President 1801-1809), Gary Kasparov (Former Russian World Chess Champion/Writer/Political Activist), Howard Keel (Actor/Singer/”Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”, “Kiss Me Kate”), Gary Kroeger (Comedian/SNL), Terry Lester (Actor/”Young and Restless”, “As the World Turns”), Davis Love (Pro Golfer), Nellie McKay (Singer), Michael Nikolay (Gymnast/Olympics), Ron Perlman (Actor/”Hellboy 2″,”Beauty and the Beast”), Philippe Petit (French Juggler/Aerialist), Phillippe de Rothschild (Manager, Bordeau France Vineyard), William Sadler (Actor/”The Pacific”, Star Trek”), Saundra Santiago (Actor/”Miami Vice”), Rick Schroder (Actor/”NYPD Blue”, “Champ”, “Earthling”), Meghann Shaugnessy (Tennis Pro), Paul Sorvino (Actor/”Dick Tracy”), Harold Stassen (Politician/Minnesota Governor/Republican Perennial Candidate for US President), Lyle Waggoner (Actor/Carol Burnett Show/”Wonder Woman”), Shani Wallis (Singer/Actress/”Oliver”), Edora Welty (Writer), Bokeem Woodbine (Actor/”Caught on Tape”, “City of Angels”), Frank Woolworth (“5 & 10 cent Store King” /Woolworths).

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