Why Are #1 & #5 Not Compatible &

In answer to a blog comment…”Why are 1 and 5 not compatable?”  Well, they are compatible.  Both have high mental and physical energy…both have creative ideas and do not follow traditions…and while #1 would want to be the boss, #5 has great enthusiasm, cleverness and versatility to support any project that brought them together.  1 and 5 are a dynamic duo!  (Compatible and Incompatible numbers are covered in my book, NUMEROLOGY HAS YOUR NUMBER.)

If May 9 is your birthday, you are philosophical, inclined to philanthropy, dramatically emotional, literary, artistic and spiritual and  you are a top-rate communicator.   Teaching (higher education), the legal and religious professions, publishing and service organizations all use your extraordinary writing talents.   You need freedom: You are an idealistic, wise visionary with intense emotions, empathy, compassion and an inner urge live a broad-scoped, culturally expansive existance,…to get “out of the kitchen and out of the neighborhood”… to be of service to humanity and to solve the world’s problems.
2011 brings in changes, endings and reflections… and a release from outworn and outgrown ideas, ideals and relationships.  You make choices and decide what to keep in your life and what to let-go of as the year progresses.   Many of your goals will be realized and you may receive recognition from your peers for your efforts over the past years.  Look to June for family focus, July for lowered enerfg and introspection and August for business and financial focus.  In October, you have ideas and mental energy to begin new projects and ambitions.  The caution is…”don’t hang on to the past.”  You are preparing for a major rebirth in September 2012 and whatever and whomever is intended to stay in your life in the future will roll along with the changes you make.

In 2011 wear the color saffron to attract tolerant, responsive, generous associates..               
Opal is your gem in 2011.
People whose names begin with the letters I and R are philosophical kindred spirits in 2011.
Monday (alone) and Friday (with companions) are your lucky days of the week in 2011.

Your lottery numbers for 2011 are: 5, 7, 18, 23, 27, 30.          

Celebrities born on May 9 are:  John Ashcroft (Attorney General), James M Barrie (Author/”Peter Pan”), Candace Bergen (Actor/”Murphy Brown”), James L Brooks (Producer/Director/”Broadcst News”, “Taxi”), John Brown (Abolutionist), John Corbett (Actor/”My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, “Northern Exposure”), Albert Finney (Actor), Richie Furay (Guitarist/”Buffalo Springfield”), Pancho Gonzalez (Tennis Champion), David Gorgen (Political Consultant and Commentator), Tony Gwynn (Baseball Hall of Fame), Billy Joel (Singer), Glenda Jackson (Actor), Henry Kaiser (Industrialist/Jeeps, Boulder Dam, Liberty Ships), Kady Malloy (“American Idol”), Alley Mills (Actor/”The Wonder Years”), Alley Mills (Country Singer), Mike Wallace (TV Journalist), Barbara Woodhouse (Dog Expert). 

For your May 9 Life forecast order YOU ARE YOUR BIRTHDAY available at www.ellindodge.com \ click on BOOKS.  To see excerpts and to order books by Ellin Dodge:  NUMEROLOGY HAS YOUR NUMBER, YOU ARE YOUR FIRST NAME, YOU ARE YOUR BIRTHDAY, WIN THE LOTTERY! and FROM ACE TO ZUMMO  click on BOOKS at WWW.ELLINDODGE.COM now.


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