May 15 Birthday Forecast & Analysis & Compatibility of #15 & #1 Birthdays

Born on the 15th and on the 1st, partnership in business works with #1 as the boss who provides the #15 with income enough for luxuries…in love and marriage pairing…#15 is the home and lifestyle care-giver and   #1 does its own thing…a well paying job that includes travel away from home for the #1 and good sense of humor for the #15 may keep this duo together. 

If May 15 is your birthday, you are a multi-tasking, artistic, music-loving, self-starter who loves to nurture, teach and work for the freedoms and luxuries that money can buy.  You are ambitious for yourself and loved ones.  You take yourself, your morals, ethics and standards and your responsibilities very seriously.  Mid-life, you tend to be materialistic and yet, you are first to donate and/or volunteer when anyone is in trouble.  Life is less stressful when you ease-up – realize that you are not obligated to provide for and raise standards for loved ones and your entire neighborhood.  In old age your philosophy changes and you recognize that there is humor too in humanities frailties and life’s vicissitudes.  

In 2011 the emphasis is on family ties and material gain…and, your personal happiness comes from past, present and future loves.  You are the center of the world for many people and you are rewarded for all you undertake.  Money and financial dealings go well in February and November.  June is a fine time for home decorating, shopping and socializing…July adds practical concerns and slows your pleasures while August brings a change in plans, less responsibility and travel and/or vacations from daily routines.  Stay close to home and family in September and make the obvious personal adjustments required to maintain peace and harmony.  You have all the natural instincts to make 2011 emotionally and financially profitable,      

In 2011 wear the color blue  to attract comforting, sensible counselors and loyal friends               
Sapphire is your gem in 2011.
People whose names begin with the letters F, O and X may be annoying busy-bodies in 2011.
Sunday and Friday are your lucky days of the week in 2011.

Your lottery numbers for 2011 are: 2, 3, 6, 17, 24, 26.      

Celebrities born on May 15 are:  Madeleine Albright (US Statesman), Eddy Arnold (Country Singer, Helped Create Nashville Sound), Richard Avedon (Photographer), David Charvet (Actor/”Melrose Place”), Joseph Cotton (Actor), Pierre Curie (Physicist/ Nobel Prize 1903), Henrick de Keyser (Architect/Master Builder of Amsterdam), Brian Eno (Musician/ Rock Keyboardist), Richard J Dailey (Politician), Nicholas Hammond (Actor/”Sound of Music”), Jasper Johns (Painter/Sculptor), Lainie Kazan (Actor/”Beaches”), Trini Lopez (Musician/”If I Had A Hammer”), James Mason (Actor/”Boys From Brazil”), K T Olsen (Country Singer), Chazz Palminteri (Actor/”The Sopranos/”Jade”,”A Bronx Tale), Katherine Anne Porter (Author/”Ship of Fools”), Paul Rudd (Actor), Jaime-Lynn Sigler (Actor/”The Sopranos”), Emmett Smith (NFL Star), Tori Spelling (Actor/”Beverly Hills 90210“). 

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