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August 4 musing…”money comes to money“…Wealthy Republican businessman, Mitt Romney wanting the presidency in 2012, just attracted another million to his already huge ‘war chest’ from a company that has past connections with Romney and went out of business four months after making the contribution…seems there are no laws of investigation when money goes to money. this meat for “The Mitt” really kosher?  And, since millionaire-billionaire taxation remains the same after the debt-ceiling stand-off, it seems the Republicans are keeping rich constituents in their usual style – high end retailers selling out of their most expensive items while low and middle-market shopping mall stores continue to have deep sales.

Sarah Palin‘s a million-a-year earner at FOX News, can’t be judged fairly by co-worker journalists wanting to keep their jobs and now her Alaska Hairdressing Salon is getting a TV reality show…musing”The Queen of Delusion and Greed…I wonder if she’s a partner?

And the money-lenders make more money!   Banks that are sitting on money still charging $35.-$37. steep overdraft charges…J P Morgan Chase charges an “extended overdraft” fee of $15. after each 5 days that an account stays in the red.  There’s no limit on charges and no limit on the number of times a customer can be fined for a single overdraft and there’s no limit to my disgust when having diarrhea of debts, the struggling consumer’s money comes to constipated bank money in this way.  That’s the Blog and here come the forecasts…    

August 5 a #8 problem-solving World-Wide Day
when directors meetings put deals through and hidden economic problems and yesterday’s weather problems rise to the surface.  Businesses create new promotions and people spend money.  Stock Markets react to yesterday’s numbers.  In Your Lifestyle: Positive energy level is higher: Organize thoughts, time and money to get things that have been shelved on today’s to-do list.  From house-cleaning to physical exercise to shopping for bargains, to job-hunting, planning investments and entertaining ten for dinner, all can be accomplished if you visualize your goals and put one foot in front of the other and walk.

Generally compatible Birthday numbers for #5 are: #3 (may be too impulsive for stability), #4 (opposites attract), #6 (prosper), #8 (high energy dynamic duo), #9, #12, #13 (opposites attract), #15, #17 dynamic duo), #18, #21, #22 (opposites attract), #26, #27, #30, #31. 

If August 5 is your birthday you can be temperamental, excitable and an incautious risk-taker but you’re never dull or boring.  You attract the opposite sex, can be very unconventional, charming and entertaining and enjoy a variety of experiences.  In business, you’re a multi-tasker; versatile, resourceful and adaptable.  Socially you’re “all things to all people” and make yourself a welcome addition to any group or family.  You love freedom, travel, change and adventure and learn from experience.  Tying you down to one place or one person is a mighty task! 

In 2011, put your ideas to making money and achieving your goals.  Promote, develop and use your business sense to put your finances in the black.  In sports, “go for the gold.”  Make yourself invaluable to people of power and take on challenges and responsibilities.  Be self-reliant, face practical reality, put your energy into your ambitions, use caution and build a foundation for success.  If you’ve been working toward specific goals for the past seven years, in 2011, you reap what you’ve sown.  

In 2011 wear the color mauve to attract shrewd, visionary, efficient associates. 
Diamond is your gem in 2011.
People whose names begin with the letters H, Q and Z may be competitive in 2011
Thursday is your lucky day of the week in 2011

Your 2011 lottery numbers are
: 5, 8, 17, 19, 22, 23. 

Celebrities born on August 5 are: Neil Armstrong (NASA Astronaut), Loni Anderson (Actor), Lori Bagley (Actor), Terri Clark (Country Singer), Paula Creamer (Pro Golfer), Selma Diamond (Comedienne), Patrick Ewing (Basketball Hall of Fame), Roman Gabriel (Former NFL Quarterback), John Huston (Director/Writer), Taylor Locke (Guitarist), Reginald Owen (Actor), Anna Rawson (Pro Golfer), Daniel Rossen (Singer), John Saxon (Actor), Jonathan Silverman (Actor), Erika Slezak (Actor), Pat Smear (Guitarist/”Nirvana”), Robert Taylor (Actor), Adam Yauch (Rapper/”Beastie Boys”). 
Often asked questions…Do I do personal e-mail written consultations?   Is there a fee? 
Answer: Yes – I answer 1 question per e-mail for a fee of $26.00 pre-paid through  AND…
No, I do not e-mail extensive natal chart written reports (a natal chart consultation  including the career, personality, challenges and past, present and future and questions takes about 2 hours on the phone) – I do CD taped, phone consultations by appointment and they are not free.  The fee is $250.00. 

Thanks for your many comments regarding my books, numbers and the Blog design.  Please note:  I do respond to comments.

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