August 11 Ellin Dodge Blogs Obama Smoking & Your Daily Numerology Forecasts

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…on August 10th, musing if Obama cheated a cigarette again – just for a ‘feel-good’ moment maybe he’d be sharper…more in-charge and aggressive…a less accommodating leader.  Since he stopped, he sure has changed.  Sure I know the long term effects are terrible…musing…just one puff might wake him up and start us out of the doldrums.  No…bad idea…these are desperation thoughts…I better stop thinking about Obama…Maybe I need a “feel-good” moment?  That’s the blog and here come the forecasts…

…August 11 a #5 expect the unexpected World-Wide Day when risks are taken, Las Vegas prospers, accidents happen and unconventional happenings are in the headlines.  In Your Lifestyle: If you don’t plan tightly, go with the flow when plans change and keep your cool when surprises happen…you’ll have a good day.  The pace is fast when you’re putting out fires and although you’re busy, few practical jobs get done.  Keep your sense of humor in tow and do a variety of things that you enjoy.  Today, don’t get stubborn…take a break from chores and routines.  The important things get done tomorrow.  

Generally compatible Birthday numbers for Master #11 are: #1 (opposites compliment), #2 (lack active energy), #3, #4, #6, #8, #9, #10, #11 (2 Master numbers need practical partners), #12, #13, #15, #17, #18, #19 (opposites compliment), #20, #21, #22 (2 Master numbers can be dynamite), #24, #26, #27, #28 (opposites compliment), #29 (2 Master numbers need practical partners), #30, #31.  

If August 11 is your birthday your energy runs high and low and you are dramatic in thought and action…but you persevere when you are determined.  You are very perceptive, idealistic, visionary and were born knowing you are meant to do “something special”.  You are a Master Number and have the ability to teach and uplift and leave a lasting image.  Marriage is comfortable and you do best with a practical partner and friend.  You attract the things you need and your ideal lifestyle is cooperative, peaceful and does not involve you in manual labor.    

In 2011, remain calm, keep your thoughts to yourself and play the diplomat when life gets hectic.  Plans change, communications are ongoing and this is the time to investigate new opportunities and think “out of the box.”  This is a sensual, adventurous, unconventional time and you may decide to make changes or changes may just happen to you.  This is a lucky year for gambles…a year of growth and development through practical experiences so, don’t be afraid to travel or try something new and different..

In 2011 wear the color turquoise to attract active, enthusiastic, adventurous friends.. 
Turquoise and Aquamarine are your gems in 2011.
People whose names begin with the letters E, N and W stimulate your curiosity in 2011
Tuesday is your lucky day of the week in 2011

Your 2011 lottery numbers are
: 5. 8. 10. 17, 23. 19. 

Celebrities born on August 11 are: Carrie Jacobs Bond (Songwriter/”I Love You Truly”), Erik Braunn (Rock Guitarist), David Brooks (Political Columnist), Claus Von Bulow (Socialite accused of killing his wife), Ian Charlson (Actor/”Gandhi”), Arlene Dahl (Actor), Mike Douglas (Talk Show Host), Jerry Falwell (Evangelist pastor), Alex Haley (Author/”Roots”), Hulk Hogan (WWF Heavyweight Champion), Joe Jackson (English Singer/Pianist, Composer), Ashley Jensen (Actor)/”Ugly Betty’), Alegra Kent (Ballerina), Benny Lee (British Comedy Actor), Chris Messina (Actor), LLoyd Nolan (Actor/”A Tree Grows in Brooklyn“), Jean Parker (Actor), Richie Ramone (Rock Drummer), Joe Rogan (Actor/Comedian/TV Host/”Fear Factor”), Carl Rowan (Newspaper Columnist), Pablo Sandoval (Baseball),  Charlie Sexton (Musician/Singer/Songwriter), Frederick W Sturckow (USMC Astronaut), Marilyn Von Savant (Writer/World’s Highest IQ, 228),  Steve Wozniak (Founder Apple Computer,”Dancing With the Stars”).

If you are wondering…Do I charge a fee for personal natal consultations and quick questions?  Yes, I do.  However, fees are not the same…Please contact me for information. 

Thanks for your many comments regarding my books, numbers and the Blog design.  Please note:  I do respond to comments

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