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August 23 a #9 political actions and plans are finalized World-Wide day when humanitarin efforts are increased, information is shared, awards are given, corporations expand, unsatisfctory relationships end and outdated ideas are trashed.  In Your Lifestyle: Tie up loose ends and keep philantrophy, art and broadmindedness flowing.  Don’t plan to stay in one place…You’ll be needed to counsel, help and be understanding.  Getting away from your usual pursuits and environment to enjoy a show, give service to a charity or visit a art gallery will keep your perspective upbeat.  Something happens today to make you unselfish and remember, “I was sorry for myself becasue I had no shoes, until I saw a man who had no feet.”  

Generally compatible Birthday numbers for #24 are: #2, #3, #4, #8, #9, #11, #12, #13, #17, #18, #19, #20, #21, #22, #26, #27, #29, #30, #31. 

If August 24 is your birthday, you have a close tie to your mother early in youth and a variety of warm relationships, the material comforts of home and a loving, socially active, productive, financially stable lifestyle make you happy mid-life.  You have strong morals ,ethics and standards and are prone to expecting everyone else to live up to them.  You can be stubborn and jealous when crossed.  Generally, you do well in the arts, business or real estate, learn much through your powers of observation, attract supportive boosters in businesss and should remain active throughout your lifetime.
In 2011, although things happen that make you unable to focus on yourself, you’re cleaning out your mental, physical and spiritual closets, ready to tie up loose ends and preparing to make changes.  Reflections of past loves, business experiences and family relationships crop up and you note the things and people you want to keep in your future and find reasons to let-go of others.  May was a turning point and although you’ve had steep emotional ups and downs, in September things come to a head, you draw conclusionsand begin to take posative actions in October.

In 2011 wear the color saffrron (golden-orange) to attract empathetic, compassionate, unselfish friends.
Opal is your gem in 2011.
People whose names begin with the letters I and R share your philosophy in 2011
Monday alone and Friday with companions are your lucky days of the week in 2011

Your 2011 lottery numbers are
: 9, 14, 17, 22, 26, 27.  

Celebrities born on August 24 are: Yasser Arafat (Leader PLO), Anne Archer (Actor), John Bush (Rock Singer), Dave Chapelle (Comedian), James D’Arcy (Actor), Preston Foster (Actor), Stephen Fry (Actor), Carmine Giovinazzo (Actor/”CSI:NY”), Rupert Grant (Actor/”Harrty Potter”), David Gregory (TV News Host/”Meet the Press”), Steve Guttenberg (Actor), Jared Harris (Actor), Duke Kahanamoku (Surfing Legend), Craig Kilborn (Actor/TV Host), Durwood Kirby (TV Personality), David Koechner (Actor), Marlee Matlin (Actor), Vince McMahon (Wrestling Promoter), Chad Michael Murray (Actor), Carl Ripken, Jr (Baseball Hall of Fame), Charles Rocket (Actor/Comedian), Tim Salmon (Baseball).  

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