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In Your Life On Monday, September 26: Expect recognition for your talents and abilities.  Communications aspects are excellent.  Use the phone to prod new contacts and old friends into action.  Don’t be silent or self-effacing when an opportunity arises.  You’ll have no regrets if you make your ideas and feelings known.  Divide your time wisely and don’t scatter money or gossip maliciously.  Today’s challenge is to your ability to remain focused on your long-term-goals when spontaneous diversions and surprises interrupt your plans. You get what your want through friendships.  Keep things light – Others’ offhand remarks should not be taken seriously.  However, your words have a far-reaching effect.


If Today is Your Birthday mix business and pleasure: Expect to meet people and experiences that offer you opportunities for social growth, travel, playfulness, expression of your talents and optimism.  Wear the color yellow to attract friendships…Friendships bring in opportunities and profits. 

At times, there may be more talk than action, however, the people are entertaining, imaginative and charming.  The experiences are light-hearted, friendly and sociable.  People and experiences can be superficial: They are artistic and rarely get down to basics.  They make a game out of life and see the imagined product as complete once it enters their minds.  They rarely see details or the labor of a job.  They have a hard time producing tangibles.  However, you have more fun and optimism when in their company and they spread the word about your accomplishments.

Next year, you will have less opportunity for socializing.  You will plan, work and maintain your stability meeting people who labor until a job is completed.  This year, make the social contacts that you will enjoy for the incoming seven years.   

Your September 26, 2011 lottery numbers are: 2, 3, 8, 11, 17, 21  

Celebrities Born on September 26 are: Lynn Anderson (Country Singer), Melissa Sue Anderson (Actor), Barbara Britton Actor), Carlene Carter (Country Singer), Jim Caviezel (Actor), Donna Douglas (Actor), T S Eliot (Poet/Dramatist/Critic), Bryan Ferry (Rocker), George Gershwin (Composer), Edmund Gwenn (Actor), Mark Haddon (Novelist/Poet), Linda Hamilton (Actor), Mary Beth Hurt (Actor), Jack LaLanne (Exercise Mogul), Julie London (Actor), Olivia Newton-John (Singer), Patrick O’Neal (Actor), George Raft (Actor), Marty Robbins (Singer), Tracey Thorn (Singer), Serena Williams (Tennis Pro). 

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